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Welcome to Year 5's Home Learning Page!



NEW: We have made it to the final week of Year 5!

We can't believe it's the end of a very unusual school year but we are so proud of you all and your learning both in school and during home learning. We know it hasn't been easy but you've kept going and shown your resilience and you should be proud of yourselves too!

This week, we have put up a range of activity ideas that you can do over the 4 days of learning. They are more fun, end of term type activities because we know you're all tired and it is the last week! Hope you enjoy them. Some of them are transition activities which will help you reflect on this year and look forward to Year 6! 

As always, feel free to email us if you have any questions or if you would like to show us what you have been working on. 

Have a great week and great summer holidays too!

Love Mrs Davies & Mrs Elmore :) x

Would you like to show off some amazing work? Do you need any help? 




Drop us an email and we will try to get back to you during working hours! 

Previous learning



Need a challenge? Try out these maths at home activities! https://nrich.maths.org/14600 



Have a go at today's pobble activity: 



Wellbeing and Recovery Curriculum activities

Please check out the inclusion section of the website for lots of great activities that link to our Wellbeing and Recovery curriculum! 



Week 13 - Wellbeing and the Recovery Curriculum - Gratitude

Week 12: Wellbeing and the Recovery Curriculum - Friendship

Week 11: Wellbeing and the Recovery Curriculum - Worries


Science Activity Cards 

Year 5/6 statutory spelling list (copyright Twinkl)

Year 3/4 statutory spelling list (copyright Twinkl) - useful for revision


Mrs Davies is going to continue reading Simply the Quest! You will still be able to access the previous chapters on Mrs Elmore's soundcloud and check up here for the new chapters each week! 




Chapter 27

Chapter 28

Chapter 29

Chapter 30

Chapter 31