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Welcome to Year 5's Home Learning Page!


Hello sunshines! 

On this page we will be posting a whole host of different activities and suggestions for you to do each day while you're at home. There will be work for maths, English, reading and our wider curriculum - as well as some other ideas to keep you entertained!

You have all made such amazing progress since September and we are so proud of you. Remember to keep being resilient and brilliant - you are going to SMASH this! 

Stay safe and happy and remember we are here every step of the way - we can't wait to see you soon!

Lots of love,

Mrs Elmore & Mrs Davies :) x

Message for parents/carers

We recognise that this is an unusual and unsettling time for all families and we want to provide any help that we can. Therefore, we will be uploading home learning ideas and websites as ideas for you to help your child. We completely understand that it will be hard to carry on as ‘normal’ and with that in mind, we want you to be able to use this as and when you find helpful for your family! We will upload a typical school day timetable, as a guide to help if you wish to establish some kind of routine but please don’t feel pressurised into sticking to this if it does not work for your family. Most of all, enjoy the time together and use it as an opportunity for all those wider learning activities we normally run out of time for!

School daily timetable

Would you like to show off some amazing work? Do you need any help? 




Drop us an email and we will try to get back to you during working hours! 

Here are lots of website ideas to help you explore the wider curriculum...


Wider Curriculum Websites

Extra daily ideas

Maths:  We will be uploading a Maths activity every day to support you in your home learning. Please use this if you find it helpful. 

Week 1: Tuesday Maths 

Week 1: Wednesday Maths

Week 1: Thursday Maths

Week 1: Friday Maths

White Rose have home learning activities for each year group. Look at the daily videos, activities (and answers!) for revision on decimals this week. 



English: For English, we suggest you use the picture and activities from this website each day:



Parents, there is a guide here to support you with using this website. Please feel free to contact us if you need any extra support. 



What else could you do this week?

  • Bake some cakes or Easter biscuits, check out these recipes  
  • Choreograph a new dance and perform it to your family  
  • Makes some notes/pictures for your neighbours  
  • Learn to tell the time on an analogue clock  
  • Watch Edinburgh Zoo live stream camera. What animals can you spot?  
  • Organise your bedroom  
  • Help out with some chores!  
  • Plan out some random acts of kindness you can carry out  
  • Design and build a model using junk from your house  
  • Try out some BBC music ideas. Can you learn British sign language to songs?

NEW!  Listen to Mrs Elmore reading chapter 1 of the sequel to 'Who Let the Gods Out?' NEW!

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Find our weekly learning here!


Year 5: Week 1

Year 5/6 statutory spelling list (copyright Twinkl)

Year 3/4 statutory spelling list (copyright Twinkl) - useful for revision

Week 1- Non fiction reading activity

NEW! Week 1: Poetry reading activity

NEW: Week 1: Fiction reading activity

How can you show kindness this week? 

Listen to David Walliams reading his free audio story here!