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Welcome to Year 5's Home Learning Page!


NEW 5th March 2021

And just like that our home learning chapter has come to a close! Year 5 you bunch of legends and superstars, we are so proud of you. One final push on today's home learning activities - we can't WAIT to see you on Monday!


Mrs Elmore & Ms Rutherford :):):):):):):) 

Inspired by The Masked Singer, some of our staff have disguised themselves to read from children’s books. There will be three clues to help you guess. Will you be able to recognise our masked readers? Watch the videos linked below and write your guesses in the comments section. Will you unmask all 8 mystery masked readers?

Masked Reader 2021 Trailer

Day one: Cat vs Owl

Day two: Lion vs Koala

Day three: Bear vs Pig

Day four: Octopus vs Unicorn

Day five: THE BIG REVEAL (This link will go live at 10:30am on Friday 5th March) 

NEW: Masked Reader Guess Sheet

Would you like to show off some amazing work? Do you need any help? 




Drop us an email and we will do our best to get back to you during working hours! 

Last Weeks Learning

Want to go back and review last weeks learning? You've come to the right place!

If you want work from a previous week, just email us and we can send it through. All of our video tutorials can be found on Youtube :) 


Monday 22nd Feb - Video Tutorial 

Monday 22nd Feb - Starter

Monday 22nd Feb - Inference & Prediction

Tuesday 23rd Feb - Video Tutorial 

Tuesday 23rd Feb - Clockwork Part 1

Tuesday 23rd Feb - Starter & Preface

Tuesday 23rd Feb - Vocab and Definition Worksheet

Tuesday 23rd Feb - Deep Analysis Extract

Wednesday 24th Feb - Video Tutorial 

Wednesday 24th Feb - Instructions & Cogs

Thursday 25th Feb - Video Tutorial

Thursday 25th Feb - Learning

Thursday 25th Feb - Using

Thursday 25th Feb - Exploring

Thursday 25th Feb - Mini-Burst

Friday 26th Feb - Video Tutorial

Friday 26th Feb - English Skill Ladder & Help Sheets


Monday 22nd Feb - Video Tutorial 

Monday 22nd Feb - Fluency (& Answers)

Monday 22nd Feb - PS and R (& Answers)

Tuesday 23rd Feb - Video Tutorial 

Tuesday 23rd Feb - Fluency (& Answers)

Tuesday 23rd Feb - PS and R (& Answers) 

Wednesday 24th Feb - Video Tutorial 

Wednesday 24th Feb - Fluency (& Answers)

Wednesday 24th Feb - PS and R (& Answers) 

Thursday 25th Feb - Video Tutorial

Thursday 25th Feb - Fluency (& Answers)

Thursday 25th Feb - PS & R (& Answers)

Friday 26th Feb - Video Tutorial

Guided Reading

Monday 22nd Feb - See English

Tuesday 23rd Feb - See English

Tuesday 23rd Feb - Cosmic Reading

Wednesday 24th Feb - Video Tutorial

Wednesday 24th Feb - Worksheet

Wednesday 24th Feb - Cosmic Reading

Thursday 25th Feb - Video Tutorial

Thursday 25th Feb - Worksheet

Wider Curriculum

Monday 22nd Feb - Science Video Tutorial 

Monday 22nd Feb - Space Pupil Organiser

Monday 22nd Feb - True False Unsure Starter

Monday 22nd Feb - KWL Grid

Monday 22nd Feb - Website Links 

Monday 22nd Feb - Enquiry Circles Activity 

Thursday 25th Feb - Science Video Tutorial

Thursday 25th Feb - Starter & Main Activities

Thursday 25th Feb - Evidence Cards

Wellbeing and Extra Activities

Need a break or want to try something a bit different? Have a go at one of these activities and let us know how you get on. 

Useful Links

6th January 2021: Letter to parents

22nd January 2021: Daily drop-in info

27th January 2021: Bug Club Login


Need a challenge? Try out these maths at home activities! https://nrich.maths.org/14600 


Have a go at today's pobble activity: 


Please check out the inclusion section of the website for lots of great activities that link to our Wellbeing and Recovery curriculum! 


Year 5/6 statutory spelling list (copyright Twinkl)

Year 3/4 statutory spelling list (copyright Twinkl) - useful for revision



Our youtube channel will have all of our video tutorials on - make sure you're subscribed so you don't miss anything! 


Last term, we were exploring the work of Peter Thorpe. First we evaluated his art and described how it made us feel. Then we experimented with line making, challenging ourselves to use the materials we had at home. Then we used our Abstract knowledge from Term 1 to create backgrounds for our centrepieces. Finally we thought about using contrast, light and placement to really make our rockets fly off the page!

This Week's Learning:

Mrs Boyes's Maths Corner!

Mrs Boyes has been busy recording some calculation lessons. These lessons will be especially useful for children who are usually in Mrs Boyes' morning groups but can be helpful reminders for anyone :)

You'll also find Mrs Boyes weekly maths challenges here - perfect if you want to give your brain a good workout!

Video Tutorials:

Mrs Boyes Multiplication 2 x 3 or 4 Digit

Mrs Boyes Division No Remainders

Mrs Boyes Division With Remainders

Mrs Boyes Addition Video

Mrs Boyes Subtraction Video

Mrs Boyes Subtracting Decimals Video

Mrs Boyes Multiplication x 1 digit Video

 Mrs Boyes Multiply 10, 100, 1000 Video

Mrs Boyes Divide 10, 100, 1000 Video


Maths Challenges:

 Mrs Boyes Maths Challenge 1 (Term 4)

Mrs Boyes Maths Challenge 1 Answers

NEW Mrs Boyes Maths Challenge 2

NEW Mrs Boyes Maths Challenge 2 Answers


Mrs Boyes Maths Art Video 5

Mrs Boyes Maths Art 5 Template

NEW Mrs Boyes Maths Art Video 6

NEW Mrs Boyes Maths Art 6 Template

If you are looking for last term's Challenges and Maths Art please email Mrs Boyes who will be happy to send them to you.