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Last update: 2019-11-20

Welcome to RM & RC

Our teachers are Mrs Midlane (RM) and Miss Cook (RC). Our teaching assistants are Mrs Binding and Mrs Webb.

Mrs Medina and Mrs Wills also help us on Wednesday afternoons.


Our normal PE days are Fridays. Please make sure that your child's PE kit is in school every day including their top, shorts (or jogging bottoms).   

This Term's Learning

"What is up there I wonder?” 

The children have come back from the holiday ready and eager to learn. They have remembered most of the school routines and are becoming much more independent. Our big question this term is “What is up there I wonder?” We will explore this question through learning all about space. We will be finding out about gravity, day and night, rockets, star constellations and all about being an astronaut. We are lucky to have a visit booked from the Explorer done in week 4 which will support our learning in this topic.

In English, we will be using a number of quality texts including 'Whatever Next', 'How to catch a star' and 'Stickman'. We will also be using 'On the Moon' to learn all about astronauts and what it is like to be in space.

In Phonics we will finish learning all the single sounds and then moving on to learning the letter names. We will apply this is our writing, practising writing simple words and captions.

In Maths will be recognising 2d and 3d shapes and using the language to describe them including face, edges, verticies, sides and corners. We will also be consolidating our learning in numbers including counting out loud forwards and backwards, recognise numbers 1-7, counting accurately, matching numerals to quantities and finding more and less than a number.

Celebrating differences is our theme for Jigsaw this term and we will be focusing on what we are good at and how we are all unique and special. We will be learning a number of space themed songs to support our learning, particularly in  Maths and towards the end of the term, we will be learning songs for our Christmas performance.

Finally, We have our lantern walk through our Wild Wood in Week 2 which we hope to see many of you there!

This term's learning:

Each term we update this page to give you an overview of our planned learning for the term ahead. 

We send out a newsletter every long term - Autumn, Spring and Summer. It also gives you ideas in each area of development to support learning at home.



Phonics - Phase 2 and beginning Phase 3
We will be learning and reviewing these sounds in Phase 2:


s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b f ff l ll j v w y x z zz


Camera words:

the I to no go into



Please help your child at home with their word boxes and key words and continue to read their reading books. Please read with your child at least 4 times a week. This could be their reading book OR their word box.

On the bottom right hand side of this page there are downloadable resources and links to web pages to help with Phonics.

Visit this website where you can download free sound flashcards and words to practise reading at home. 



This term we will be doing lots of practise to develop our mathematical skills. We have daily whole class maths sessions and two adult led activities each week. Please refer to our newsletter to see our termly focus.

At Wheatfield we have a whole school initiative called 'Math Planets' to develop number skills. In Reception we have two levels (orange and green) which we expect the children to complete by the end of the Reception year and a third level (purple) for a challenge to exceed the end of year Early Learning Goal for number. Please look at your child's Math Planet booklet to see their current maths target. Once you feel they are confident at their target, put their booklet into your child's class communication book which is located in the cloakroom. We endeavour to check the booklets as soon as we can. If we feel your child needs a little more practise, please continue on this at home for a couple of weeks before returning. This helps to ensure the knowledge is consolidated and secure.

Please read the school newsletter which is available to download on the school website. 

Please see the main School calendar for information on whole-school events.

Phonic resources:

Youtube is a great resource to help with recognising, pronouncing and blending the sounds correctly. Here are a few pages we use at school and recommend at home for further practice:

Mr Thorne does Phonics

Epic Phonics 


Please see below for examples of videos to support...

Phonics - Correct pronunciation

Class Newsletters

Reception Autumn Term Newsletter 2019



Home Learning

School expectation is that children spend a maximum of 10 minutes per day doing home learning activities. 

Tapestry home learning 


We recommend reading to your child every day. Your child will shortly come home with a picture book. Please encourage your child to tell the story using the pictures. Model using story language.



Encourage your child to mark-make for different reasons at home. This may be drawing a picture, or making a shopping list using swiggles and other marks. Children will begin to learn their first sounds later this term.


Encourage your child to find numerals up to 10 in the local environment, such as door numbers, number plates etc.
Encourage your child to count objects to 10, such as collecting 4 tins of beans in the supermarket, or counting out spoonfuls of flour when baking. Play games where you and your child have to pick out 2D shapes in the environment.


'Achievosaurs' challenge
In Reception we have been encouraging children to take responsibility for their learning by setting two challenges a week they have to complete independently. We name the challenges after some of the school 'Achievosaurs'. These focus on areas of the EYFS curriculum, predominantly English and Maths. At the end of the week we review and celebrate the children who have completed both challenges. They will bring their 'challenge card' home with them.


Other Resources:

Useful Websites for YR children

Letter formation mat

Handwriting formation

Number Formation Sheet

Train Track Paper

Numicon Money

Camera words - Phase 2

Phonic sounds - Phase 2