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Reception Class Page

We have two Reception classes at Wheatfield Primary
Our classes are..

Class RC and RD            

Miss Cook (Teacher) and Mrs Webb (Teaching Assistant)

 Miss Dolby (Teacher) and Mrs Binding (Teaching Assistant) 

We also have other adults who help us in Reception including
Mrs Wills (RD) and Mrs Medina (RC) who help us on Wednesday afternoons.

Miss Davey and Mrs Grotzke support our children as well.

Welcome to Reception

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What should my child bring to school?

Please label every item that belongs to your child including their school uniform.

You could use a permanent pen or buy personalised name labels from the internet which you can stick onto their belongings. 


P.E Kit 

Our P.E days will usually be on Fridays.

Please make sure that your child's P.E kit is in school every day including their top, shorts (or jogging bottoms). 

Within your child's P.E bag please provide a spare change of clothes in case they get muddy/have an accident 

(This does not need to be school uniform - a top, bottoms, underwear and socks)

How do we learn in Reception?

 Every day children will have carpet time sessions consisting of daily Phonic, Maths and 'Book talk' sessions.

We support children through adult led activities as well as through child led play and have
access to the outdoor environment all day. Every child is provided with a weekly adult led writing and maths group session as well as being given time to read 1-1 with an adult.

We also have weekly outdoor learning sessions inspired by Forest School principles in our very own onsite
Wild Wood! Click here to find out more about Outdoor Learning at Wheatfield.

Our Classrooms

Our classrooms are designed to create a calm, nurturing and homely environment, which research suggests is the best environment for children to feel safe, learn and thrive in.

We have lots of natural and 'real' resources which encourage curiosity, discovery, awe and wonder through open ended experiences. 

Both Reception classrooms mirror one another with the same (or similar) resources purposefully planned to support children's learning and development. We have continuous provision organised within learning stations around the classroom (resources which are always available) as well as enhanced provision (new or additional resources) which are added in each week by targeting specific skills, with a focus always including early reading, writing and maths. 

We use our knowledge of children's interests and abilities to engage them in play and to
'continue their learning when an adult is not present' during child led choice time. This develops a wide range of skills such as consolidating their learning, developing their levels of independence and their resilience. 


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Phonic videos


Smile! :-D – English-Language Thoughts

We use an online 'learning journal' known as Tapestry to track the achievements and interests of your child.

EYFS staff regularly update your child's journal and we strongly encourage families to upload their own contributions.

We often upload class notices and other important information regarding just Reception children on our Tapestry page.

Check your notification settings to ensure you receive all updates. If you do not have access to your account, please speak to a member of the Reception team.

Tapestry Classic – Apps on Google Play
Click the icon to log in or find out more

In our cloakroom we have two 'communication boxes' one for each class.

If you want to drop a non-confidential letter, note or have your child's Math Planet/Letter and Sounds booklet that you would like to have checked by your child's teacher, then please pop it in there!

There will always be one member of staff from the Reception Team on the cloakroom door each morning to greet your child, so if you have any queries they will be available to help and pass messages on.


We have a friendly open door policy at Wheatfield whereby you can pop in at the end of the day if you need to speak to your child's teacher. 


Whole school notices including key dates and information will be published in the weekly
school newsletter.

Teacher email addresses




Home Learning

School expectation is that children spend about 10 minutes per day doing home learning activities. 



We recommend reading to and hearing your child every day. Your child will be receive...

  • 1 School Library book each week
    Library books are provided to help children develop a 'love for reading'. The children are not expected to be able to read them themselves. 

  • 1 Phonic books each week
    A Phonic book will be given as and when your child is ready to receive one. Encourage your child to sound out the letters and blend them together. There will also be 'camera words' and 'keywords' throughout the stories so watch out for those! Ask your child questions about the pictures as you read through the story to develop their understanding.
  • Letter and Sound booklet
    Your child will be provided with a phonics booklet and will be given strips of words to read.
    The booklet starts with 'Word Boxes' which can be sounded out. They will receive keyword lists which need to be memorised and read by sight. When your child can successfully and confidently read their words put your booklet into your child's class communication box located in the cloakroom.



We recommend practising practical maths skills in a fun and playful way, weaving it into every day life - maths is all around us!

  • Maths Planet booklet
    Your child will be provided with a Maths Planet booklet matched to their ability. They will receive a target which will be at the back of their booklet. Please help them achieve this through practising in a fun and playful way. There are suggested ideas and guidance on each target.
    click here to find out more about our
    Maths Planet school approach


Other Resources:

Websites to support learning


Writing and Phonic resources

Phase 2 - Letter formation mat

Phase 3 - Sound mat - to support writing

Handwriting formation

Handwriting paper

Camera words - Phase 2

Phonic cards - Phase 2

Phonic cards - Phase 3

Math resources

Number cards 1 to 20

Number track to 20

Numicon cards