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Wheatfield Primary School

Inspired to Achieve

The School Day

The start of the day

Our doors open at 8.45am each day and we ask that families try to be on site for this time so that children can make a prompt start to the day.



Registers are taken at 8.55am and close at 9.00am. Our gates are locked at 9.00am and any child arriving after this time must do so by the main entrance and register as late. Children arriving after 9.15am will be marked as having an unauthorised absence.


Morning break

Children in Reception and Key Stage 1 have a morning break between 10.30am and 10.50am. They are provided with a piece of fruit to eat as part of the Government's Healthy Eating Scheme. Children in reception are also provided with a free carton of milk until they reach their fifth birthday. 

Children in Key Stage 2 have a morning break between 10.40am and 11.00am.

All children are able to buy a piece of toast (10p) or a pot of fruit (15p) from the school kitchen. They have access to water fountains where they can have a drink. Children may also choose to bring in a fruit snack or a drink of water for morning break. A reminder that nuts should not be brought into school as we have some children with severe nut allergies.



Children in Reception and Key Stage 1 have their lunchtime between 12.00 noon and 1.10pm.

Children in Key Stage 2 have their lunchtime between 12.20pm and 1.25pm

During the lunchtime children can choose to have a hot school meal (cooked on site) or a bring in a healthy packed lunch. They also have an extended time to socialise and play with friends in our extensive school grounds.


The end of the school day

The school day finishes, for all children, at 3.30pm. Families with children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 should collect their children from their outside classroom door. If your child is in Years 3 to 6, teachers will dismiss children from the foot of our two stairwells.