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Grammar and Punctuation

The national curriculum sets out a clear progression of grammar and punctuation skills which children should be taught across Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2) and Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6). At Wheatfield we try to teach these skills in a variety of ways to make them memorable but, most importantly, enables children to apply the skills consistently when they write independently.

We understand that some of the terminology may be new or unfamiliar to parents, especially if you were taught during a period when these skills were not part of the curriculum. The glossary below (produced by Oxford school improvement) provides a clear explanation of the skills we teach across the primary curriculum.

Grammar Glossary (courtesy of Oxford school improvement)

Click to view our grammar and punctuation learning map

BBC Bitesize Activities

Click on the icon below to visit the BBC Bitesize 'spelling, punctuation and grammar' site. You will find lots of interactive activities to support you in developing your skills.

Online Videos (Key Stage 2)

Below are a collection of online videos and clips (for Years 3 to 6) from the BBC Primary 'Class Clips' site.

Online Videos (Key Stage 1)

Below are a collection of online videos and clips (for Years 1 and 2) from the BBC Primary 'Class Clips' site.