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Our Mathematics Curriculum

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Mathematics National Curriculum

The links below show the statutory content for each year group from the national curriculum:

Year 1 national curriculum

Year 2 national curriculum  

Year 3 national curriculum

Year 4 national curriculum

Year 5 national curriculum

Year 6 national curriculum

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Maths Planets

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Useful Websites

You might find the following websites useful in supporting your child with mathematics. 




Woodlands Maths Site

Calculation Policy

We teach using a CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) approach in daily lessons. The children begin their learning using 'concrete resources' (manipulatives) to support their understanding. As their conceptual understanding develops, they begin using a pictorial representation before finally moving to the use of abstract numeral and symbols.

Children are not pushed to move through these stages until they have shown a secure understanding. Our calculation policy demonstrates the different stages for each of the four calculation strands and also fractions.

To read our policy and exemplifications, click each button below and opposite.

Calculation Policy (continued)