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Our Reading Curriculum

Learning to read with fluency and understanding is an essential skill. At Wheatfield we aim for every child to get off to an excellent start as a reader and develop a love of books as they progress through the school. Learning to read opens up new worlds to children and enables them to access information independently. Becoming a proficient reader is essential as reading underpins almost every area of the curriculum. 

When children start Reception, we begin by teaching phonics (the relationship between letters and sounds) - please see our phonics page for further details. As children move into Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) they are taught to read books with increasingly complex stories and information. They are also encouraged to appreciate different genres and styles of writing - from poetry to sets of instructions. In Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6) children are taught to explore texts in greater depth, investigating how authors create suspense, craft characters and plan out plots.

We want to inspire children to read and hope that our children will be lifelong readers who can always find solace and comfort in the pages of a good book. 


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Inspired to Read

Reading regularly with your child is so important - we really can't over-emphasise what a huge difference this will make to your child's reading progress. We strongly encourage families to hear their child read as often as possible.

Sharing stories is also really important (as well as a lot of fun). Young children in particular love hearing stories read aloud (often the same ones over and over again). Older children enjoy having chapter books read to them or following the, 'I read a page / you read a page' routine.

At Wheatfield we operate a reading incentive - 'Inspired to Read'. Each time your child reads 50 times they are able to choose a book which is signed by the Mr Winterburn or Mr Woodworth. They also get the honour of writing their name in the, 'Inspired to Read Record Book' and collecting a limited edition, 'Inspired to Read' sticker!

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Recommended Reads - books to inspire you

Click the icon above to view 100 recommendations for every primary year group (produced by the very kind people at Peters.)

Bradley Stoke Library

If you aren't already a member then we would strongly urge you to join Bradley Stoke library. It's free to join and it will offer your whole family access to thousands of books. Even if your child has a well-stocked bookshelf at home, visiting the library is still really important and will help to expand your child's reading repertoire. 

You can contact the library on: 01454 868006 or Bradleystoke.library@southglos.gov.uk


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Book Sorter (for recommended reads from children)

Click on the 'Book Sorter' below to find thousands of recommended reads made by other children. You can also register to make your own book recommendations. 

Words for Life

If you are keen to find more information about supporting your child's reading development then the 'Words for Life' website is crammed full of useful tips and ideas. Your can visit the site by clicking on the icon below …