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Last update: 2020-02-27

Welcome to 6G & 6W

Our teachers are Miss Garraway and Miss White. On Fridays, Mr Woodworth will be teaching 6G. 

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Boyes, Mrs Tucker and Mrs McKeown. Our PE days are Friday (6G&6W) and Thursday (PPA) 

Reading records will be collected and checked on a Friday (6W) and a Tuesday (6G). Please ensure that you check and sign your child's reading record before they bring it in on those days.


Term Three

This term your children will be bringing home some SATS homework booklets. The children will be set a number of questions each day to be completed the following day. We will then mark the answers in class. It is the children's responsibility to take the homework booklets home each night and bring them back each morning.  If you have any queries, please speak directly to Miss Garraway or Miss White.

Term 4


  Image result for earthquake  Image result for volcano errupting      

 Our topic this term is a continuation of our theme of 'Extremes'. We will be looking at Extreme Natural Disasters and investigating how and why they happen.

The children will be using their geographical knowledge to learn about the Tectonic Plates and the reason they happen. We will also be expanding our map skills with some intricate map work.



Our Jigsaw topic this term: Healthy Me

  • I know the impact of food on the body.
  • I know about different types of drugs and their uses and effects on the body.
  • I can evaluate when alcohol is being used responsibly, anti-socially and being misused
  • I know and can put into practice basic emergency aid procedures and know how to get help in emergency situations.
  • I understand what it means to be emotionally well and can explore people's attitudes towards mental health/illness
  • I can recognise when I feel stressed and the triggers that cause this.                             Image result for jigsaw jem

In English, we will begin Term Four by studying the book  Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick. The book tells the story of a young girl who is attempting to escape a flooded Norwich to find safety. From the back cover:


"Imagine that England is covered by water, and Norwich is an island ...

Zoe, left behind in the confusion, survives there as best she can. Alone and desperate among marauding gangs, she manages to dig a derelict boat out of the mud and escapes to Eels Island. But Eels Island, whose raggle-taggle inhabitants are dominated by the strange boy Dooby, is full of danger too."

Image result for floodland

Home Learning 



Children are expected to read at home at least five times each week for fifteen minutes.  At least one of these times needs to be with an adult but please read more often with your child if you are able. Children are expected to write the date of the read, the book they are reading and the pages they have read in that day. Please ensure that you check and sign reading records each week.

VIPERS question stems have been uploaded to our Class Letters section for parents to use to help guide them with asking questions when listening to their child read. 



At the beginning of the term, the children brought home a list of Term 1 spellings. Children will be tested each Friday on the spellings. They will also have a meanings test, where they have to match up meanings. Children are encouraged to practise their spellings on Spelling Shed as often as they can.

The spelling list can be found under Class Letters.



By Year 6, the children should be confident with all times table facts so constant practice at home will help to embed this. Children are encouraged to practise maths facts using their Maths Shed log in, as often as possible. 


The children will be continuing with Maths Planets this year and will carry on from their end point in Year 5.  There are sample papers on the maths page of the website to give you an idea of what each stage will look like. Please encourage your child to practise their maths facts at least three times per week. If your child is stuck on a level for more than four weeks, then we will intervene at school.