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Year 6

Our teachers are Miss Garraway and Miss White. 

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Boyes and Mrs Tyagi. 

Our PE day is Tuesday - please remember to come dressed in suitable PE kit every Tuesday. 

Reading records will be checked each Friday but please make sure they are in school other days for reading.

At the beginning of Term 3, the children will be bringing home homework books with tasks that will be completed each day. The children will bring them in the following day for the homework to be marked. The homework books will consist of daily maths and SPAG homework and weekly reading homework.

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Term 3 - Exploring Environments 

   United Kingdom County Map - England Counties and County Towns        Charles Darwin | Biography, Education, Books, Theory of Evolution, & Facts  | Britannica      Peppered Moth - Natural Selection | Ask A Biologist   

Our wider curriculum topic this term has a main Geography focus. We will be looking at exploring environments in a variety of different ways. This will include looking geographically at different counties and cities of the UK, looking at their physical and human attributes and answering an enquiry based question. This will also tie in with our Science objectives as we look at how different animals adapt and evolve to their differing environments.


                                 Holes: Amazon.co.uk: Sachar, Louis: 8601404204470: Books                                 Holes: Amazon.co.uk: Sachar, Louis: 8601404204470: Books

We will be reading Holes by Louis Sachar in our English sessions. 

The text is an American based story looking at the subjects of punishment and justice . The book evokes a series of questions around morality that we will explore in class discussions. Have a look at our author profile here.

We will be using our English sessions to focus on a range of different writing opportunities. This includes a fictional flashback story amongst various non-fiction pieces such as information texts, persuasive writing and discussion texts.

For more information on themes and related texts we will be looking at click HERE to see our book map.


Due to our focus English book featuring heavily on American culture and history, we will be using our reading sessions to build up background knowledge based around our books. This will involve looking at historical sources for background knowledge on Texas and exploring non-fiction texts around different animals that are associated with the American deserts. In addition to this, we will use reading sessions to delve deeper into questions that arise when reading our book surrounding the subjects of crime and punishment.

Reading in English: A guide for learners



This term in our maths curriculum we will be focusing on fractions. This will include a range of objectives such as adding and subtracting fractions, multiplying and dividing fractions and looking at mixed number fractions in a variation of different problems.

For more information visit our Maths Curriculum page to remind yourselves of our calculation policy.

Maths - Airy Hill Primary School


Wider Curriculum



In our wider curriculum this term we will be looking at Geography, PSHE and Science objectives.  Click the above logos to view our pupil organisers for each subject.

How can you help at home?


Children are expected to read at home at least five times each week for fifteen minutes.  At least one of these times needs to be with an adult but please read more often with your child if you are able. Children are expected to write the date of the read, the book they are reading and the pages they have read in that day. Please ensure that you check and sign reading records each week. Reading records will be checked every Friday.

Reading comprehension question stems can be found here. 

A list of recommended reads for Y6 can be found here. 



This year, Year 6 will be trialling a new way of spelling. The premise of this trial is that spelling should be 'taught not caught'. We will be doing daily and weekly spelling sessions but will not be sending spelling lists home for weekly spelling tests. We recognise that this is different from previous years and will be different from other year groups this year but please bear with us - we hope this new way of working will see great improvement in spelling! 

Year 3/4 Statutory Word List

Year 5/6 Statutory Word List



By Year 6, the children should be confident with all times table facts so constant practice at home will help to embed this. Children are encouraged to practise maths facts using their Maths Shed log in, as often as possible. 

The children will be continuing with Maths Planets this year and will carry on from their end point in Year 5.  There are sample papers on the maths page of the website to give you an idea of what each stage will look like. Please encourage your child to practise their maths facts at least three times per week. If your child is stuck on a level for more than four weeks, then we will intervene at school.


If you need to contact us, we are available outside at the end of each day or via email: