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Year 5 - St James CofE Primary School, Wardle : St James CofE Primary  School, Wardle

Our teachers are Mr Maxted (5M) and Miss White (5W). Our teaching assistants are Mrs Tyagi and Mrs Boyes. 

Important Notices: 

  • All of Year 5 will take part in PE every Thursday. PE kits must be worn on this day and must consist of navy shorts or jogging bottoms and the correct colour t-shirt. No logos please.
  • Reading records will be collected and checked on a Friday.
  • Spelling tests will take place on a Friday.

Term 6 Learning - Class Links

This section is for children's use in class - links will be added and can also be explored at home.

Purple Mash School Login Page: https://www.purplemash.com/sch/wheatfield-bs32 


English & Reading

Chocolate Tree: [A Mayan Folktale] (On My Own Folklore) : Richard Keep,  Linda Lowery, Janice Lee Porter: Amazon.co.uk: Books

In our English lessons this term, our writing will be based around our class book 'The Chocolate Tree' by Linda Lowery and Richard Keep. Our writing this term will take us through a range of genres - from folklore tales to non-chronological reports on Mexico.


In our reading sessions, we will be exploring our class text in a deeper way with thorough annotations of chapters. We will also spend time thinking about comparisons and connections to other folklore tales. We will draw on non-fiction texts about Ancient Maya and Mexico to strengthen our cultural knowledge. For more information on our chosen class book click HERE to view our book map.


During the Summer term, we will be covering the following objectives in our maths lessons:

  • Decimals - adding and subtracting decimals within one, complements to one and crossing the whole.
  • Properties of shape - identifying and calculating angles, comparing and ordering angles, measuring angles, drawing lines and angles accurately, regular and irregular polygons. 
  • Position and direction – position in the first quadrant, translating shapes with coordinates, reflecting shapes with coordinates
  • Converting units - metric units, imperial units, converting units of time and reading timetables. 
  • Volume - defining volume, comparing volume, estimating volume and estimating capacity.



Our Year 5 Fluency expectations are as follows: 

Number bonds to 10 and 100
Addition and subtraction within 1000
Count forwards and backwards in powers of 10 up to a million
Timestables and division facts up to 12x12
10, 100, 1000, 10 000, 100 000 more or less than
Factors and multiples
Count through 0 to negative numbers
Doubles and halves
Square, cube and prime numbers


Practising these will help your child feel secure and confident in maths. If you would like more information about any of these, or some suggestions for activities to do at home, please get in touch with Mr Maxted or Miss White.

Wider Curriculum

Please click on the links below to be taken to our knowledge and skills organisers of the wider curriculum subjects we will be studying this term. 


Home Learning


Children need to continue learning for their maths planets; alongside continued practice of times table and related division facts. Maths Planets will be tested each Friday and multiplication grids will be completed throughout the week. 



We ask that you read with your child 5 times a week. This only needs to be a 10 minute session and you don’t have to finish a whole book every time. We will be continuing with our ‘Reading Challenge’, so make sure you record each read in their log book as this will contribute.

Reading does not have to be limited to the books children bring home from school. It can include any books they have at home, reads with siblings or reading books from the local library.

Home Learning Guide 2022-2023


Spelling: Children are given a list of spellings at the start of each term, which will be tested each week. These spellings are in their homework book - click HERE for an online PDF version.


Children are also expected - by the end of Y6 - to be confident in the Y5 and 6 Statutory spellings. You may want to practise these at home with your child too. You can find these below: 

Year 5/6 Statutory Spellings

Year 3/4 Statutory Spellings

Contact Details

If you have any urgent queries which cannot be answered after school or by making an appointment then contact us via the school office:

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