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Last update: 2023-02-07

Welcome to 5M & 5R

Our teachers are Mr Maxted and Ms Rutherford. Our teaching assistant is Mrs Tyagi

Our PE days are on alternate Mondays and Tuesdays. Please send your child into school wearing weather appropriate clothing and shoes on their PE day. Class Timetables for this term are as follows: 




Please send your child into school wearing weather appropriate clothing and shoes on their PE day.

Term 4 Learning - Class Links

This section is for children's use in class - links will be added and can also be explored at home  

Purple Mash School Login Page: https://www.purplemash.com/sch/wheatfield-bs32 



Lesson 1 - 




Lesson 2 - 



Google the following: 

Space Place Nasa

Star Child Nasa





In term 3 we will be reading Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce, which links to our Science learning on space.

In term 4 we will be reading Clockwork by Philip Pullman, a fabulous mystery story, which we will use as inspiration for building tension when writing. 

Both texts will provide a multitude of opportunities to explore various writing skills and reading skills. We will be following "The Write Stuff" approach to writing - please feel free to ask for more information 

We'll also be exploring related non-fiction and poetry. Through whole class reading lessons we will explore the skills of vocabulary, inference, prediction, explaining and summarising. As well as these, we will be exploring and learning texts from different sources across the term and focusing on our delivery of them.


We will be covering the following objectives:

  • Place value – numbers up to millions
  • Addition and subtraction – mental and written methods for large numbers
  • Statistics: line graphs, tables and timetables
  • Multiplication and Division – factors, prime numbers, square and cube numbers and multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000.
  • Measurement – measuring and calculating perimeter and area of rectangles & irregular shapes

Please encourage your child to practise their maths planets at home, which are tested on a Friday. Practise sheets and overviews are available on the Maths Planets page

Our Year 5 Fluency expectations are as follows: 

Number bonds to 10 and 100
Addition and subtraction within 1000
Count forwards and backwards in powers of 10 up to a million
Timestables and division facts up to 12x12
10, 100, 1000, 10 000, 100 000 more or less than
Factors and multiples
Count through 0 to negative numbers
Doubles and halves
Square, cube and prime numbers

Practising these will help your child feel secure and confident in maths. If you would like more information about any of these, or some suggestions for activities to do at home, please get in touch with Mr Maxted or Ms Rutherford.

Term 4 Wider Curriculum


This term in our wider curriculum we will be looking at RE, Science, Computing and DT.



Spring Newsletter - Coming Soon

Home Learning


Children need to continue learning for their maths planets; alongside continued practice of times table and related division facts. Maths Planets will be tested each Friday and multiplication grids will be completed throughout the week. 


We ask that you read with your child 5 times a week. This only needs to be a 10 minute session and you don’t have to finish a whole book every time. We will be continuing with our ‘Reading Challenge’, so make sure you record each read in their log book as this will contribute.

Reading does not have to be limited to the books children bring home from school. It can include any books they have at home, reads with siblings or reading books from the local library.

Home Learning Guide 2022-2023

Spelling: Children are given a list of spellings at the start of each term, which will be tested each week. These spellings are in their homework book - a copy can be found here as well:

Year 5 Spellings Term 4 Blue Group

Year 5 Spellings Term 4 White Group

Contact Details

If you have any urgent queries which cannot be answered after school or by making an appointment then contact us below. 

Mr Maxted:


Ms Rutherford: