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Wheatfield Drive, Bradley Stoke, Bristol, South Gloucestershire, BS32 9DB

Parking on and Around the School Site

Please be aware that the roads immediately around the school (Wheatfield Drive and Dewfalls Drive) can become very congested at the start and end of the school day. We would request that, wherever possible, families walk or ride to school. If driving is the only option then please consider parking beyond the immediate vicinity of the school and walking the last section. If families choose to park in the roads around the school, please be considerate of our neighbours and consider the safety of all pedestrians (avoid blocking driveways or mounting pavements). Please also consider our environment and don't leave your car engine running whilst you are parked.  Thank you. 

Please do not park on 'The Loop'

If you drive into school, please note that 'The Loop' is only for 'stopping and dropping your child off'. Please do not leave your car parked in this area as it prevents the flow of traffic. 

Please do not park in or enter the staff car park

We have a large staff of teachers, teaching assistants, administrators, lunchbreak supervisors and cooks. The staff car park gets very busy and we politely request that families do not use it.

Please turn 'left' when leaving the site

If you 'stop and drop' on The Loop, please turn left when leaving the school site. There is an (unofficial) 'one way' system in operation during peak times meaning all cars should enter via Wheatfield Drive and leave via Dewfalls Drive (allowing the traffic to flow more smoothly).

Try to ride, scoot or walk to school

We have two bike sheds and a scooter rack - please try to walk, scoot or ride to school (even if it's only for part of the way) whenever possible.

Please do not stop or park on the zig-zag lines

The area immediately outside the school gates (on Wheatfield Drive) is a no stopping or parking zone. In the interests of everyone's safety, please respect these markings.