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Reception Induction

A very warm welcome to Wheatfield Primary School!

This page was originally put together to support families of children starting school in September 2020 (at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic). The contents will also be of interest to anyone who is considering a place at Wheatfield Primary (especially some of the videos on our YouTube Channel which introduce key staff and routines). 

Starting School Stories

Our Recommended Videos for Prospective Families 

YouTube Banner Size & YouTube Channel Art Size Guide | May 2020

  Meet Our Headteacher               Take a look at our school                     Our Classrooms                                Starting school             Our Wild Wood

More videos available on our  Wheatfield Induction YouTube Channel 

Get to know us!

Wheatfield Induction Youtube Channel

YouTube Banner Size & YouTube Channel Art Size Guide | May 2020

We have created a Youtube Channel for our new families and children to explain a little bit about our school and the Induction process.


Whilst these videos were made for September 2020, many of the videos will be a great place to find out more about our school.

Scroll down for our recommended videos...

There are lots of videos introducing you to key members of staff including the Leadership Team, Reception Teachers and Teaching Assistants and other members of staff who you may met whilst starting your child's schooling journey.


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Applying for a school place

South Gloucestershire Council

Wheatfield Primary School is a
South Gloucestershire Council maintained school. Therefore the admissions process for both new Reception children and in-year admissions is managed directly by South Gloucestershire Council on behalf of the school. 


Further information about the admissions process is available on the
South Gloucestershire Admissions website

Wheatfield Primary School has a standard intake of 60 children per year group.


Find our more about our admissions policy.