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UPDATED 6/4/22


If you are at isolating at home but feeling well, please take a look at your daily learning that we are covering in school. Feel free to email over pictures or work that you have done - we would love to see!

Love, Miss Garraway and Miss White xx 

This Week's Learning: 
Monday 4th April

Tuesday 5th April

Wednesday 6th April

Last Week's Learning: 

Tuesday 29th March - For English, independently write the first two plot points of your story that you planned last week.

Wednesday 30th March - For English, independently write the final two plot points of your story that you began yesterday.

Thursday 31st March

Friday 1st April

Students learn the Five Ways To Wellbeing – Gateway Family Services

It is so important to look after our wellbeing and mental health, especially during lockdown. 

Make sure to check in with your families and your friends whenever you can. 

In this section we will save past Jigsaw lessons that you can go back to and links and ideas for supporting your wellbeing,

This website has lots of ideas for quick things you can do to cheer you up when you're stuck inside: https://www.5minutefun.com/wellbeing-activities-for-kids-stuck-indoors/ 

Mindfulness Challenge Cards 

Mindfulness Colouring 

100 Screen-Free activity ideas

Ideas from Mental Health Week: 

  • Create a calming glitter jar
  • Rip up pieces of paper and write things that you love to do on each slip. Fold them up and put them in a spare jar and when you are feeling down or bored, grab a slip of paper from your pot and complete the activity.
  • Create a positive mantra quote poster - add colour and pictures to brighten up a room!
  • Re-visit and complete an activity from our well-being menu
  • Continue on with completing our daily well-being journals at home

 Picture Book Readings: 

Want to settle down and just listen to a good old picture book? 

Grab a drink, put on your slippers, pull up a blanket and visit our picture book playlist below: 

Reading Winter Woman Stock Illustrations – 173 Reading Winter Woman Stock  Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

Don't forget that you can continue with your homework books while at home - contact the other members of your class to find out the questions as each class might been on slightly different ones. 

You can also continue to practise key skills, like times tables, while you're at home. 




You could check out past videos from our YouTube channel too - there was lots of content while we were in lockdown last year :) 

Bored? Looking for something else to do? Need some help? Click the images below for useful links or ideas for projects to do in your free time.

5 Great Links To Love | IGS       Clipart: project clip art | Vector project clipart illustration — Stock  Vector © kozzi2 #108307290

Need help? Want to show us amazing work? 



We are happy to receive and will try our best to reply but please understand that we are also teaching.