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Hello year six lovelies! Welcome to our fantabulous page to help you continue learning when you are at home. 

On this page you will find daily resources, updated each day to help provide you with learning for that day (just like we would at school). We will move all these resources over to our 'Previous Learning' box each day - so if you miss a piece of work one day, you'll will still be able to find it! 

We also have a 'Surprisingly Super Stay-at-home Suggestion' list of other things that you might want to try out at home if you're feeling bored!

Along with daily riddles and songs to get a groove on to at home, we will constantly be here! 

You are all amazing and have proven that you can do anything you put your minds to. Always be resilient, responsible, respectful and KIND :) 


Miss Garraway & Miss White



P.S - Check out our new AMAZING YouTube channel:


A message to parents: 

We recognise and appreciate that this will be a strange and unknown set-up for both you and the children. We appreciate that you will organise your children's days at home in the way that suits you and your family the best. We also appreciate that it is most probably largely unknown what a typical day at school looks like. For this reason, we have put together a 'typical' day timetable that would happen in school. It may be that you decide to follow the same type of structure at home to help support you and your children with a given routine. However, please note that this is just for your information, please do not feel the need to follow this timetable if it does not suit your needs. We know that you will do what is best for your family, however we will continue to post daily work and provide you with this timetable to try to help, support and ease children into a successful transition from school to home :) 

Normal School Day Timetable 


Today's Learning Resources: (27/3/20)


Start of the day activity

9:00am - Tune into Joe Wicks' livestream morning PE session! Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1 

10:00 - Mr Winterburn is holding a LIVE Friday assembly on his Youtube channel. Tune in together for 10:00 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLtQZ6gESO43ogKuJjPbJhA 


For your Friday Times Table Grid we have found an interactive version here:


Record your time in your book somewhere and see if you can beat it next week. 

Interactive X Table Grid Instructions


Visit this link to complete our interactive crossword for spellings. Just click on the first box of the clue (with the number) and type the answer!  https://crosswordlabs.com/view/week-5-spellings-2 Take a picture of the screen and send us your scores!

11:30 - If your parents have a Facebook page, ask them if they can live-stream Strictly Come Dancing's Oti Mabuse's children's dance class: https://www.facebook.com/OtiMabuse/ 


Usually today would be our PE days! So today, we want you to get a move/groove on and do ANY exercise of your choice. It could be something out in the garden or inside! If you are stuck for ideas you could follow these links to do some Harry Potter Yoga or Dance to Eye of The Tiger!

1pm - BSL (British Sign Language) lessons. Every day at 1pm, a BSL lesson is being streamed. This and the previous lessons can be found here if you are interested: 



Pshe flipchart


Geography activity



Need help? Want to show us amazing work? 




We are happy to receive and try to respond to emails during working hours :) 

Surprisingly Super Stay-at-home Suggestions: 

✓ Bake a cake 

✓ Make a bed

✓ Vacuum/Hoover a room

✓ Build a model out of recycling

✓ Build the tallest tower you can out of objects

✓ Study a tree/plant in your garden

✓ How many animals can you spot outside in your garden?

✓ Create some outside art

✓ Cloud watch

✓ Make a home for wildlife 

✓ Wash the dishes

✓ Build an inside fort 

✓ Dance to your favourite song

✓ Keep a diary of your time at home

✓ Play a board game 

✓ Create a tally chart and investigate how many different colours you have in your house

✓ Learn sign language

✓ Learn a new language

✓ Compliment somebody 

✓ Help somebody at home to do something

✓ Practise meditating 

✓ Design and carry out a science investigation

✓ Live watch Edinburgh Zoo!

Positive News!

Let's tune out the constant negative news and focus on some positive things that have been reported in the news within the last year: 

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Image result for what are you reading imageEnter text...                 We'd like to make sure                                            everyone keeps reading                                          during our time at home -                                        what better time than this to                                    get lost in a few good                                              books? 



If you are loving a good book at the moment please email us a photo so we can add it here. Also, if you would like to write a review of the book and send it to us, we can post it up here to inspire your friends. Happy reading :) 

                                  Image result for arrow pointing down


Image result for question marksRiddle of the day:

'What question can you never answer yes to?' 

(Answer will be posted tomorrow - no cheating!) 


Solution to yesterday: A Clock!

Need to get a groove on?

Stop what you're doing and dance/jam out to this song (alone or with people at home!) 

Image result for dancing clipartToday's song is: 


Daily Read-a-longs:

Keep a watch on this space. Here we will post audio-clips of us reading 'Floodland', videos of us reading picture books or we might direct you to a video of somebody else reading! 

Image result for reading gives you someplace to go


Floodland Chapter 13 

Floodland Chapter 12

Floodland Chapter 11

Floodland Chapter 10

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