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Good morning Year 3,

We were not expecting to not be in school together today!  We are missing you all but hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy your half term break.  We will look forward to seeing you after the holiday.  Below you will find some home learning for today to keep you busy. :-)



Mrs Jackson, Mrs Davies and Mrs Bibby.

Daily Learning


Friday 18th January

School closure home learning - daily overview 

Times table grids

Spelling dictation


Reading teaching slides

Reading activity

Extra reading


Escape the Cave Clue Cards

Escape the Cave Recording Sheet

Escape the Cave Answers


History activity


Art activity 


For anyone who is at home isolating but feeling well and would like some learning here is some work for each day see below.



Day 1 - Calculation starter

Day 1 - Months and years

Day 1 - Months and years  ACTIVITY


Day 2 - Calculation starter

Day 2 - Time facts quiz

Day 2 - o'clock and half past

Day 2 - o'clock and half past ACTIVITY


Day 3 - Calculation starter

Day 3 - quarter to and quarter past

Day 3 - quarter to and quarter past ACTIVITY


Day 4 - Calculation starter

Day 4 - Nearest five minutes

Day 4 - Nearest five minutes 2

Day 4 - Nearest five minutes ACTIVITY


Day 5 - Calculation starter

Day 5 - Nearest five minutes

Day 5 - Nearest five minutes ACTIVITY



Whilst you are isolation, you could chose to complete one of the following writing ideas each day:

Character description - Can you describe Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third?

Book review - Can you complete a book review of your favourite book or one that you got over the Christmas break?

Describe a setting - Can you describe this winters setting?


If you would like to join in with our writing inspired by the story Stone Age Boy you can find a short video for each plot point below:

Plot point 1 - Falling

Plot point 2 - Lost

Plot point 3 - A strange girl  PART 1

Plot point 3 - A strange girl PART 2

Plot point 4 - An invitation home

Plot point 5 - Camp life

Plot point 6 - Spear fishing

Plot point 7 - Catching a reindeer

Plot point 8 - Cave paintings and a homeward journey



Day 1 - The Great Storm

Day 2 - The Great Storm

Day 3 - The Great Storm


Extra Reading comprehension 1

Extra Reading comprehension 2

Extra Reading comprehension 3


Screen Breaks!

We know that we are asking you to do a lot on screens at the moment, but it is very important that you have a break every day. We will add a different idea for you to do every day. We would love to see pictures of you enjoying your screen free time :) 

Cooking Clipart | k19022333 | Fotosearch

Cooking amishoking clipart - Cliparting.comJoin Mrs Foote in her kitchen...

This week she is making bran bread


Recipe for Bran Bread

Bran Bread video

Let Mrs Foote know how you got on or share a recipe with her:


Want to show us some amazing work? Need help with something?

Drop us an email and we will try to get back to you within school hours.




Have a look below for our extra challenges - these will be a bit different to the kinds of activities you'll find in the wider curriculum and daily core learning.


We know how much you have enjoyed the Draw with Rob videos whilst we have been in school.  So the link is below so you can continue to enjoy these at home.  We are looking forward to seeing what you draw :-) 



Follow the link below to find some exciting activities based around the book 'Kevin's Great Escape'


Please click here to go to the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group website. There are lots of fab resources on here for being active and making music at home -  Enjoy! 

Family Clipart stock photos and royalty-free images, vectors and  illustrations | Adobe Stock

Be kind...

See if you can help an adult around the house.

Maybe you could help them with making dinner?

Help to put some of your clothes away?

Tidy up your bedroom?

A little act of kindness can go a long way! :)

Mrs Foote's Spelling and Handwriting section


Mrs Foote has very kindly put together some handwriting resources so that you can still practise your beautiful handwriting whilst we are self-isolating.  She is really looking forward to seeing all your practice.  Don't forget to send us an email to show us.



NEW Handwriting 'ie' join

NEW  'ie' Handwriting activity

Watch Mrs Foote teaching you how to do this here: 

Handwriting Video

Check out our Year 3 YouTube channel for more help with your home learning

Catch up Corner