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Welcome to Year One's Home Learning page!

Core Learning

Please remember it is just a guide and there is absolutely no pressure for you to complete it all- it is all about what suits you! Please stay in touch- we love seeing what you're up to via Tapestry or email. Have a great week! :) 

Monday 18th May

Maths PDF

Maths activity

Maths challenge

Spellling/ Phonics

Tuesday 19th May


Spelling/ Phonics


Wednesday 20th May


Maths answers

Spelling/ Phonics

PSHE Discussion

PSHE template

Thursday 21st May


Spelling/ Phonics

Friday 22nd May

Look after yourself by....


This is the end of another week at home. Well done. Give yourself a tight hug for 10 seconds and give yourself a pat on the back. Write down 3 things you are thankful for.

 A little message form the lunch break supervisors!

What have your friends been up to?

Have a look through the photos below to see what they were up to before the Easter break!

Try something new....

Play a game together as a family. Try and play the game Pictionary and see who will win! 




Daily dose of fun....

Let's get painting!

Can you create your own fingerprint animals. Have a look at some ideas below to help you.

Custom Fingerprints Heart Necklace (With images) | Art for kids ...


We can be contacted via Tapestry or by email:

Miss Evans- abigail.evans@wheatfieldprimary.com

Mrs Brown- 


Perform an act of kindness....

Next time you go shopping, buy something extra and donate it to your local food bank or someone you know in need.

Websites that may be useful:

- Twinkl are offering free membership during school closures. They provide lots of resources (mainly printables) that will come in handy for all areas of learning:

www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

- Busy Things has a range of interactive games that cover all areas of the curriculum. This can be accessed via computer/laptop or tablet. Children will be familiar with this website.


User name: home1294

Reading/ Phonics

 - https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/



Writing/ Spelling





Previous Special Guest

 All special guest videos are on the Wheatfield Primary Infant Team's new YouTube channel:


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