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Welcome to Year One's Home Learning page!


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Good Morning amazing Year 1's - it is the LAST day of home learning - YAY!!

Well done for being the absolute super stars you all are, you have gone above and beyond whilst being at home.

You have blown our socks well and truly off! You should all be sooooooo proud. 

One more day... can't wait to see you all on Monday!!

Lots of love Miss Evans and Miss Clarke xxx

Mystery Reader!

Everyday at 2.30pm, a story will be available on our YouTube Channel.

The perfect way to end a busy day of learning!

But who will be reading it?

Head to our YouTube channel to find out who will be reading today's story! 

This week is World Book Day on March 4th!

On Thursday our learning will look slightly different and our teams calls will also be book themed!

But the most exciting thing...

We're taking part in the MASKED READER.

Watch the following trailer to find out some more: https://youtu.be/UAostvkEdGI


MONDAY EPISODE 1:https://youtu.be/F_Wj83v5amE

TUESDAY EPISODE 2https://youtu.be/7nQQGwKqUng 

WEDNESDAY EPISODE 3:https://youtu.be/goCo9b6UDOo

THURSDAY EPISODE:https://youtu.be/JZyX-usFiX8 

THE BIG REVEAL - WERE YOU RIGHT? https://youtu.be/-kNIGGd1dho 

(will be live at 10.30)

Will you be able to guess who's behind each mask?

As before, there will be a daily maths and English/phonics video uploaded on to our YouTube channel and a couple of wider curriculum videos per week. All details of the activities will be included in the daily core learning overview or the weekly wider curriculum overview!
Please email us or contact us via Tapestry- we LOVE seeing your photographs and videos!

YouTube channel link for our daily videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC20_9FXDa9GfNnzgs1ZmtLw?view_as=subscriber  

Core plan



Maths Worksheet

Maths Challenge!

Spelling dictation 5.3.21

   Look after yourself too!

Have some time away from learning. Watch a film, play a board game or go in the garden for some fresh air! 

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Previous (core) home learning Term 4:

Core plans








Paddington story map


English- sentences to punctuate

English- rainbow group

English challenge

Maths pictures to compare

Maths- rainbow group

Spelling sailboats


Maths worksheet

Maths Challenge!

Reading choice 1 - The Twins

Reading choice 2 - Croak! Croak! Croak!

Rainbow group reading - Nan's Pets

English - diary scaffold

English - emotion word mat

English - rainbow group


English worksheet

English challenge

English rainbow group

Maths worksheet

Maths challenge

Reading activity

Spellings checklist


Maths planets (choose 1)

2B   2C


3A   3B     3C

4A     4B      4C

5A      5B       5C

6A       6B     6C

7A     7B      

Spelling dictation

Core plans






English postcard story map

English rainbow group

Maths worksheet


Maths Worksheet

Spelling activity - fill in the butterfly

Tuesday reading activity

English activity 1

English activity 2 

English challenge


Maths Worksheet

Maths Challenge!

Reading activity - book review template

English sheet

English activity 1 (rainbow group)


World book day plan

World Book Day Menu of ideas

Resources for mentioned activities in plan:

World Book Day lesson - what objects would you choose

Whole School Challenge

2 extra challenges: Some teacher guessing fun!!

Masked reader guess sheet

Guess the baby reader

 Guess the baby reader (ANSWERS)



See the source image



We can be contacted via Tapestry or by email:

Miss Evans- abigail.evans@wheatfieldprimary.com

Miss Clarke-


Websites that may be useful:

- Twinkl are offering free membership during school closures. They provide lots of resources (mainly printables) that will come in handy for all areas of learning:

www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

- Busy Things has a range of interactive games that cover all areas of the curriculum. This can be accessed via computer/laptop or tablet. Children will be familiar with this website.


User name: home1294

Reading/ Phonics

 - https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/



https://lettersandsounds.org.uk/for-home/year-1 (press summer and you will see the phase 5 sound videos to choose from).

Writing/ Spelling