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Friday 18th February 2021

School Closure Home Learning

Hello Reception...

Well, we didn't expect to be closing one day early this term!! We have been so proud of you all, we've learnt so much this term and we would like you to use today to practise some of our key skills from this term...

Click below to download our home learning activites for today!
Miss Cook and Miss Clarke

Friday 18th February 


Reception Home Learning

Welcome to Reception's home learning page

Term 6 week 6

We have uploaded a initial pack of learning to keep you going over the next few days. From Wednesday there will be a 'menu of activities' that you can choose from throughout the week and a link to our YouTube channel where we will upload some live teaching videos for you to join in with. 

Below you will find the initial learning pack to keep you going over the next few days. We have also added a menu of activities for you to choose from at your own speed. Check the YouTube channel daily for teaching videos to watch at home.

Term 6 Week 6

Wednesday 14th July

Menu of activities

Monday 12th July

Initial learning pack

Art session

Maths Session

English writing

Phase 2 sound mat

Phase 3 sound mat 

Scroll down for our weekly wider curriculum activities

We have also put some ideas of activities to do outside or away from the screen at the bottom of this page. Have fun outside!


Click below for a daily phonics and maths session for the children to watch.

These videos have been made by Miss Cook and Miss Dolby.

YouTube Community Guidelines & Policies - How YouTube Works

Wider Curriculum

Wider Curriculum Plan Week 2


 Sorting plates - like and don't like

Vegetable pictures


Outdoor fun...

How many of these activities can you do?

World Book Day 2021 - Thursday 4th March

This year for World Book Day we have got lots of exciting activities for you to do all about reading and sharing our love of books.

On Thursday we will be celebrating World Book Day with a special day and with book related activities in our Teams Call.

But all week we will also be trying to discover who the Masked Singers are!!

Today's video is The Final!

Can you work out who is behind the mask?

The video with go live at 10:30 on Friday 5th March:  https://youtu.be/-kNIGGd1dho



Mystery Reader!

Everyday at 2.30pm, a story will be available on our YouTube Channel.

The perfect way to end a busy day of learning!

But who will be reading it?

Find out who's reading the next story tomorrow...

Stay connected

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Drop us an email and we will try to get back to you within school hours.

   amy.cook@wheatfieldprimary.com  Class RC

lindsey.midlane@wheatfieldprimary.com Class RD


Please upload learning onto Tapestry 

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Please note: Your child's photographs will only appear if you have given consent for their images to be shared on social media

(We will share and celebrate any home learning from Tapestry onto this page.) 

Class RD

Class RC

Look after yourself by....

Dancing to some music!

Tidying up your bedroom!

Term 2 Archive

Week 1 of Home Learning Archive:


Week 1 - Tuesday 24th November 2020


EYFS Home Learning Pack - 48 hours


Wednesday 25th November 2020

Daily Plan 1

**Wider curriculum learning - weekly overview**

Supporting resources

Phonics - make a lolly 

Number formation sheet

Wake and shake video

Thursday 26th November 2020

Daily Plan 2

Supporting resources

Number track

Sound mat

How to form cursive letters correctly video link

Friday 27th November 2020

 Daily Plan 3

Supporting resources

Maths - 10 green bottles

Shoes poem


Week 2 of Home Learning Archive:

Monday 30th November 2020

Daily Plan

Supporting resources 

Maths pattern sheet

Wider curriculum learning - Week 2

Tuesday 1st December 2020

Daily Plan

Supporting resources

'V' Story sheet

Wednesday 2nd December 2020

Daily Plan

Thursday 3rd December 2020

Daily Plan

Supporting resources

'X' spotter sheet

Friday 4th December 2020

Daily Plan

Supporting resources

Rainbow Fish photos

Read and Race Game

Week 3 Home Learning Archive:

Thursday 10th December 2020 

Daily Plan

Supporting resources

Penguin number ordering 

Santa letter template

Friday 11th December 2020

Daily Plan

Supporting resources

Christmas Tree Letter Matching

I Spy 1-10

I Spy 11-20 (Extra Challenge)

I Spy 11-20 Checklist


Try something new.....

Have a go at making a model using recycled materials!

Outdoor Learning

Ideas for learning away from a screen

National Trust - 50 things

Perform an act of kindness....

Can you phone someone in your family and speak to them?

Useful websites

We have made a list of websites you can access for free at home to support all areas of learning

Please click the link below:



Term 3 Week 4

Wider Curriculum Plan - Week 4



Transport Sorting Sheet

Train Experiment Instructions

Scissor skills booklet

Make your own vehicle - Scissor skills


Monday 25th January

Daily Plan


How to draw a train


Tuesday 26th January

Daily Plan


 Doubling Butterflies

Wednesday 27th January

Daily Plan


'ee' sheet - Seed challenge

'ee' sheet - Leaf challenge

Number 14 Scavenger Hunt

Link to Numberblocks Number 14 episode:


Thursday 28th January

Daily Plan


 Sequencing pictures

Train Ride word mat

Camera word train

Playdough recipe

Friday 29th January

Daily Plan


Splat game words

Choice of height charts:




Letter from an explorer!! 

 Term 3 Week 5

Monday 1st February 

Daily Plan


Magic mirror words

 Tuesday 2nd February

Daily Plan


Maths - Lunch box halving activity

Phonics - Book 1 - Captions

Phonics - Book 2 - Harder sentences

 Wednesday 3rd February

Daily Plan


Maths - snap cards

 Thursday 4th February
Daily Plan
Choose a phonic activity suited to your child's level...

Phonics Level 1 – simple 3 letter words (CVC)

Phonics Level 2 – words containing our new digraphs (ch, ng, ai, oa)

Phonics Level 3 – two syllable words containing our new digraphs (two syllable words are longer words)

Friday 5th February

Daily Plan


No resources required for today's learning

Wider Curriculum Plan - Week 5 


Science experiment - Floating and Sinking


Monday 8th February

Daily Plan


 Book template (Phonics)


Tuesday 9th February

Daily Plan


Part Part Whole Model

Number Cards


Wednesday 10th February

Daily Plan


Ghost templates (Phonics)

Character profile template

Mr Gumpy Word Mat


* NEW * Thursday 11th February

Daily Plan


 Mr Gumpy's Outing retelling pictures

Word search

Number 15 Scavenger Hunt

Numberblocks Number 15 episode (BBC Iplayer)



* NEW * Friday 12th February 

We are so proud of all of our wonderful reception children for working so hard this term! You are all super stars!

Today we are having a non-screen day!! 

Non-screen day activities

Monday 22nd February

Daily Plan

Rhyming words

*NEW* Tuesday 23rd February

Daily Plan


*NEW * Wednesday 24th February

Daily Plan


Maths toy shop
Phonics camera word spotting  

Little Red Hen story - typed version

Little Red Hen - Story Map


Thursday 25th February

Daily Plan


Bingo boards

Little Red Hen writing


*NEW * Friday 26th February

Daily Plan


Guess the animal game
Maths - worded problems (challenge!)

Term 4 Week 1 - Wider Curriculum Plan