Last update: 2017-11-19

Welcome to RM & RC

Our teachers are Mrs Midlane and Miss Cook. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Binding and Mrs Webb.

Mrs Hodges and Mrs McIvor also help us on Wednesday afternoons. Mrs Smythe helps in RC on Tuesday mornings. Our normal PE days are Mondays. Please make sure that your child's PE kit is in school every day. 

To celebrate our learning about Superheros....

*Monday 20th November - Reception superhero dress up day*

This Term's Learning

"What makes us special?"

Topic Overview

Our big question for the autumn term is 'What makes us special?' We will be using this question to explore new activities, and places as well as stretching our imaginations. 

For more information, please view our curriculum map here.

Our learning is planned around the interests and needs of the children so these objectives will be adapted  as the term progresses based on the needs of the individual children.

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'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers

This week's learning -

Term 2 Week 4

Each week we will update this section to inform you of the planned learning objectives for the coming week.

This week we are...

We will be learning and reviewing the sounds we have learnt so far...
s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck, e u, r, h and b' and all of our camera words 'I, no, go, into, to and the'.

We will also be learning two new sounds; 'f (ff) and l (ll)'. We will be talking about how the double sound (ff and ll) are called digraphs are are usually found at the end of words.

Please help your child with recognising these sounds, by practising in their sound booklets up to the page we have worked with them. Please ensure the booklet is kept in their book bag every day so that we can continue practising this at school too. 

On the bottom right hand side of this page there are downloadable resources and links to webpages to help with Phonics.


This week we will begin practice counting on from a number and exploring one more. This will include starting at a different number, rather than always counting from 0. We will continue counting aloud to 30 and recognising numerals 1-10. 

We have sent home 'Math Planet' booklets for every child. We will put out our class Math Planet box each morning (by our reception patio gates). Please drop the booklet into the box and we will return it to you as soon as we can. ☺


This week we will begin our new power of reading story, Lost and Found. Here is a link to find out more about this story.

We will be learning the story and we will be exploring emotions and how the characters feel. We will also be talking about different environments and what it would be like to live in the South Pole. 

We will be writing captions from the book by applying our learned sounds into simple words. We will continue to practice using finger spaces. 


Other important things happening this week:

It is Superhero day on Monday 20th November!
We will be doing some 'super' activities inside and outside of the classroom. 

We will be attending all KS1 assemblies from this week which includes celebration assembly on a Friday - this means that one person in RC and RM will receive a certificate for being a particular 'Achievosaur'.

Christmas show

Image result for christmas tree

 We are going to begin practicing for our Christmas show 'Christmas around the world'. Each class in KS1/EYFS will represent a country and will wear a specific colour top. 

RC will be America 
Please send your child in with a plain blue top and black jogging bottoms/leggings in a labeled plastic bag.

RM will be Australia

Please send your child in with a plain orange top and black jogging bottoms/leggings in a labeled plastic bag.


Some children will have received a letter asking for a plain black top and black jogging bottom/leggings.

Dates for your calendar:

Reception - Superhero dress up day - 20/11/17

All information from parent workshops will be uploaded onto the class page after the session.

Please see the main School calendar for information on whole-school events.

'Mr Thorne does Phonics' 
We recommend using this channel on youtube to help your child with recognising and saying the phase 2 sounds we are currently learning correctly.

Please see below for an example of a video showing the correct pronunciation...

Phonics - Correct pronunciation

Home Learning

School expectation is that children spend a maximum of 10 minutes per day doing home learning activities. 



We recommend reading to your child every day. Your child will shortly come home with a picture book. Please encourage your child to tell the story using the pictures. Model using story language.



Encourage your child to mark-make for different reasons at home. This may be drawing a picture, or making a shopping list using swiggles and other marks. Children will begin to learn their first sounds later this term.


Encourage your child to find numerals up to 10 in the local environment, such as door numbers, number plates etc.
Encourage your child to count objects to 10, such as collecting 4 tins of beans in the supermarket, or counting out spoonfuls of flour when baking. Play games where you and your child have to pick out 2D shapes in the environment.


'Achievosaurs' challenge
In Reception we have been encouraging children to take responsibility for their learning by setting two challenges a week they have to complete independently. We name the challenges after some of the school 'Achievosaurs'. These focus on areas of the EYFS curriculum, predominantly English and Maths. At the end of the week we review and celebrate the children who have completed both challenges. They will bring their 'challenge card' home with them.


Other Resources:

Useful Websites for YR children

Letter formation mat

Handwriting formation

Number Formation Sheet

Train Track Paper

Numicon Money

Camera words - Phase 2

Phonic sounds - Phase 2