Last update: 2017-07-15

Welcome to RR & ROR!

Our teachers are Mr O'Regan and Miss Rice. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Powell, Mrs McIvor and Mrs Webb. Mrs Binding and Mrs Durlacher also help us on Thursday afternoons. Our normal PE days are Mondays. Please make sure that your child's PE kit is in school every day. 

This Term's Learning

"Where are we going and how will we get there?"

Topic Overview

Our big question for the spring term is 'Where are we going and how will we get there?' We will be using this question to explore new activities, and places as well as stretching our imaginations. 

For more information, please view our curriculum map here.

Our learning is planned around the interests and needs of the children so these objectives will be adapted  as the term progresses based on the needs of the individual children.

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Stanley's Stick by John Hegley

This week's learning - Week 7

Every Sunday we will update this section to inform you of the planned learning objectives for the coming week.

This week we are...

In ROR we will be reading some poetry by Michael Rosen, and having a go at writing our own version. We will also be consolidating our Early Learning Goals through various mathematical problem solving activities. We will be enjoying our final week in Reception, having lots of fun and continuing to make precious memories!


In RR...



Other important things happening this week:

Teddy Bears Picnic Monday 2.45pm (Don't forget your teddy bears!)

Non-Uniform day on Friday

Please don't bring in bookbags on Friday

Last day of term on Friday

Dates for your calendar:

Please see the main School calendar for information on whole-school events.


Please see the videos below for more information on how we write our cursive letters, and how we teach reading and writing.

20/17-18 New Reception Induction Info

We look forward to welcoming parents on the parent induction meeting at 7pm on Thurs 25th May. After this date, links to the timetable & presentation will be live.

Frequently Asked Questions (2017)

2017 Induction Timetable

Induction Evening Presentation

Example Weekly Timetable


Class Letters

1/9/2016: Autumn Curriculum Map

12/9/2016: Term 1 EYFS Letter

25/9/2016: Meet the Teacher Summary

25/9/2016: Intro to Wow Vouchers

30/9/2016: Parents Phonics Workshop Summary

6/10/2016: Parents Maths Workshop Summary

2/1/2017: Term 3 EYFS Letter

3/1/2017: Explorer Dome

7/2/2017: Parent Workshop Info

28/2/2017: Parent Workshop Summary

28/2/2017: Term 4 EYFS Letter

6/3/2017: Trip Letter

30/4/2017: Term 5 Letter


Home Learning

School expectation is that children spend a maximum of 10 minutes per day doing home learning activities. 



We recommend reading to your child every day. Your child will shortly come home with a picture book. Please encourage your child to tell the story using the pictures. Model using story language.



Encourage your child to mark-make for different reasons at home. This may be drawing a picture, or making a shopping list using swiggles and other marks. Children will begin to learn their first sounds later this term.


Encourage your child to find numerals up to 10 in the local environment, such as door numbers, number plates etc.
Encourage your child to count objects to 10, such as collecting 4 tins of beans in the supermarket, or counting out spoonfuls of flour when baking. Play games where you and your child have to pick out 2D shapes in the environment.


Other Resources:

Useful Websites for YR children
Sound Mats
Letter Formation Sheets
Train Track Paper
Numicon Money