At Wheatfield we aim to give our pupils the tools they need to be confident mathematicians. We provide a range of exciting experiences to engage our learners, whilst concentrating on the core skills of mathematics. The children learn skills in number, measure, shape and space and data handling, and how to apply these skills in other subjects such as Science and Geography. The new national curriculum places an emphasis upon calculation skills; we use our own 'Maths Stars' programme to enable the children to regularly practice basic number facts including multiplication facts. Problem solving is also developed, through practical activities, in a fun and enjoyable way.


We passionately believe that our pupils should understand the maths that they are asked to do and not just be able to follow a process. They need to understand the value of the numbers they are using. 

Calculation Policy

KS1 and KS2 Calculation Policy 2016

Calculation Workshop 2015 Activities and Strategies

Introduction EYFS & KS1

Introduction KS2