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Where's Wheatie?

Wheatie is our school's travelling mascot and he needs your help to find his next destination. Wheatie first packed his bags in the autumn of 2017 and since then has been to a fine host of exotic locations including New York, Oman, India, China and even Antarctica! You can see a selection of his travel photos below. 


Can Wheatie hitch a ride with you?

The world is a big place and Wheatie gets easily bored. If you are planning a trip abroad (or even to an interesting location in the UK) take Wheatie along with you and get a photo of him at your chosen destination. Send your photo (along with a brief description of where you visited and who was with you) to the school office. We will add your photo and destination to the enormous world map in our school hall.

Why are we doing this?

We want to bring the world to life for children and help them to appreciate how a map of the world represents the scale of our amazing planet! Seeing photographs of real places which have been visited by our own children (or their friends and relatives) is a great way of bringing this learning to life. If you are planning your own visits, spend a little bit of time exploring a map with your child and showing them where you are travelling from and to - we can guarantee your child will be fascinated!



Download a larger image of Wheatie to print or use on your tablet / smart phone by clicking the logo above.