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We are Bloggers (5R)

Below is a series of blog posts written by the 5R Superstars. We hope you enjoy hearing about our experiences in year 5. 

The Start of Year 5

When we first met Ms Rutherford, we were really excited because we had not been in school since March.

As soon as we walked into the classroom, we noticed some strange illustrations on the windows, with police tape around them. We later found out that we were learning about Ancient Egypt and the drawings on the windows were called hieroglyphics. We were baffled by the hieroglyphs but luckily we had fun doing a treasure hunt to find the guide and then we began to understand!

Our Time in Year 5

During year 5, we have had an amazing year and we have done lots of fun stuff and have remembered many memories, like the vibrant allotment in the field and the chickens escaping from the pen.

The chickens escaped the pen while we were feeding them.

In the allotment, the flowers and plants were growing rapidly day by day as we watered them. We made sure that the plants and the chickens were healthy every day of the week. The plants and flowers got sunlight and water everyday by the staff. On some Thursdays, Mrs Boyes would take some people to the allotment to nurture the plants and some people even got to grow their own.


When we were learning about shadufs we had lots of fun. We learned that shadufs are tools that Egyptians used to collect water. They were used in Ancient Egypt. We used a saw to cut wood and then we stuck them together with a hot glue gun and some of us got burnt. At the end we painted are shadufs and they were cool.

The Chickens

The chickens can be very mischievous at times but helps give us a good laugh. Sadly, the chicken, for the receptions, died. Luckily, all of the other chickens stayed alive. One of our funniest moments was when the chicken made a great escape and it took Mrs Boyes and Miss Walsh the whole entire break time, which was 20 minutes, to rescue them. When we go and visit them we have fun selling the eggs, having competitions in how many eggs there are and changing their food and water sometimes.

The chickens are dangerous because once one of the almost bit me. At first I hated chickens, but now I like chickens.

~Silly Ms Rutherford ~

Ms Rutherford can be very forgetful at times (she sometimes needs Mrs Boyes to help!).However even though she makes marvellous mistakes she is a very funny teacher which we enjoy. At the very beginning of the year Ms Rutherford fell of her chair trying to get her bag. The forgetful, hilarious and amusing Ms Rutherford keeps on using the board when it’s on freeze! We are all used to it by now though. She always brings a bag of laughter to the classroom in the morning every day. Typical Ms Rutherford is always forgetting her mask or losing her mask the other day she lost a blue mask and the next day she found it under an iPad.

Teaching skills

Ms Rutherford has really good teaching skills (in my opinion). She always makes her teaching fun and dramatic and she always makes jokes. Whenever, we don’t get a question we simply put up our hand and tell Ms Rutherford, couple minutes later we’ve got it. Ms Rutherford is always helping people when they need it and always is there for us when we need it. This term we have learnt a lot about the Mayans in their civilisation and amazing, awesome Ms Rutherford has taught us many fascinating facts about them in Mexico. We all especially enjoyed learning about the Egyptians and their disgusting habits before we were even alive. Well any subject or topic with Ms Rutherford is jam-packed with fun and curiosity

We’ve loved being taught by Ms Rutherford she always bring fun to learning and Year 4 are very lucky to have Ms Rutherford. Thank You.

Lunar Rovers

In year 5 we have been making Lunar Rovers that are well and working. We used hot glue guns, hack saws, hand saws and hand drills. First, we started on measuring our cuboid wood bits and dowel cylinders, which are the things used to attach the wheels to the rover. Secondly, we started cutting out the materials for its chassis. We had a lot of fun making our Lunar rovers.

A fortunate thing is that nobody got injured. Some people had a few minor cuts or a single burn from the hot glue gun. We had to connect some wires and use batteries to make our Lunar Rovers work with a controller.

The Mysterious Book Sender!

In year five, 5R to be specific, we have had an amazing year. We have had a mysterious book sender- sending fairy tale based books that some have been hysterical! Including that, we had not known who sent the books to us. At first, we thought it was the year five teacher that was here before Ms Rutherford- Ms Bowen, and is now called Mrs Davies. Then we thought it was Ms White, who we then questioned, but she replied that it wasn’t her. 

We eventually discovered it was none other than Squirrel Bookins, and when putting the pieces together, the S.B signatures finally made sense. Our absolute favourite is ‘The Stinky Cheese Man’ as the author had hilarious ways to make us laugh while the illustrator drew silly drawings to exaggerate even more.

Topic Day

The Mayans

On topic day, we were doing things about the ancient Mayans here are some things we did. First off we played Pok-ta-Pok and nobody scored the entire time. Pok-ta-Pok is like a game of football but you cannot use your feet, you have to use only your hip , elbows and knees. The ball can touch the ground but can’t stay on it. When we were done practicing the game started and the first game began. That practice definitely did NOT pay off. When we were playing we would always lose the ball and it would have to give it to Ms Rutherford and carry on. Ella S and Joe were captains as well as Kya.

Cooking and Art

When we had finished break half of the class went to the Eliot building to make guacamole and hot chocolate and we had fun. There were a certain set of instructions that we had to follow. The guacamole did not look as smooth as it does on TV in fact quite the opposite. At the same time the other half of the class were doing art about Mexico. It was fun that we got to paint it too but there was a limit on colours. We had to do art that described the basic idea of Mexico and the Mayans.

Treat Days

We have really fun treat days and Ms Rutherford and Mrs Boyes let us watch movies that we get to choose ourselves. We normally have treat days on a Friday, but we have to do maths planets and spellings in the morning. In the afternoon, we watch a movie and we all get excited because when we watch the movie we get to eat snacks from home. On treat days we are allowed to come in with our own clothes .Before lock down we were allowed to bring in toys but since covid has come, we are not allowed to anymore. When we watch a movie, there is some bits that are really funny and everyone giggles in the classroom.

The End of Year 5!

The last week of year 5 has been outstandingly wonderful. This week we focused on Henri Rousseau and his artwork, we have emulated his paintings and collaborated with them!   

We also had a fun time in math playing fraction board games, a few people even replicated Monopoly.

Everybody loved playing football on the mugger and playing in the woods. Especially relaxing on the stage (outside).

Today we enjoyed our last celebration assembly in year 5, which broke some of the teacher’s hearts, and liked writing blogs. We will miss year 5 from the bottom of our hearts. And lastly a shout out to Mrs Boyes for helping us this year. We hope to enjoy Yr 6!