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Wheatfield Primary School

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Wheatfield Primary School

Here is a presentation of Wheatfield Primary School!! Here at Wheatfield, we welcome all guests to our incredible, marvelling and mind capping school. We also reassure all members of staff to take care of the children. Also the teachers look after all the children in class and outdoors. Everybody in this school follow the school values, which are being responsible, resilient and kind and also giving respect to others. Also we would like to mention that the head teacher ( Mr Winterburn ) is the best we had yet even though are last head teachers were also amazing. The dinner ladies also take care of the children by making sure that we eat a lot before we go out and play. All of the dinner ladies outside make sure that we are safe and when we do get hurt they help us out. As you can see our school is one of the best schools out there.

In Wheatfield Primary, we respect people with nut allergies which makes our school nut free. From the receptions to the year sixes, the entire school is full with amazing learning.

No Nuts!!
No Nuts!!

Game Reviews



Today we are reviewing 4 games, each of us a different game. First, we have…



Minecraft (Nintendo Switch)


Minecraft is a game of blocks where you let your imagination can run free. Minecraft is where you have 2 main modes, survival and creative. Survival is like real life where creative you have all the blocks and creatures to build with. I say minecraft is a 7/10 because of the great experience you get [tip turn down the sound]

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (PC)


Sonic Adventure 2 is similar to the first game, but unique. There are 3 story modes, Hero, Dark & Last. There is a chao garden, where you take care of these cute little creatures. The soundtrack is great, and also, there’s a 2 Player battle mode. This game has a few issues, like the few glitches, but is overall an 8.5/10.

Mario Kart PC (Fan game, PC)


MKPC is a racing game that you can play on a browser (preferably chrome).

It is absolutely free and is multiplayer. You can make your own playable skins that can be public, if you want, or private +the skins are quite hard to make sometimes.

It is a game that is pixelated and has many tracks to play and make! It has quite a few glitches and problems and you can skip laps in some maps. You should try it cuz it is, well, fun! OwO

Overall it is a…

8, 125/10, 000

(They told me to do it out of 10 but I didn’t )

Apex Legends (PC)


Apex Legends is a fun Battle Royale Game.


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Sport is vital thing in day to day life it isnt just a thing that you watch on tv its a thing that keeps you healthy, for today and the things to come. some examples of this fantastic thing is football, cricket, swimming and dodgeball.


The game is a sport where you run around a giant pitch with your team the aim of the game is to score as many points as possible. At my age, you have nine players on the pitch at a time you have goalkeeper, left and right defender, left and right fall back, left and right winger and a striker but obviously this can vary per team.