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The world is full of scrumptious, lovely and astonishing desserts. They range from small cupcakes to huge, magnificent and delectable ice cream sundae!

                  Life in Year 5!


Life as a Year 5 can be tricky but you will be able to smash though all challenges given to you.


      Funny moments


Rohan: One of the funniest moments of my life in Year 5 was when I was performing in the fashion show, and I nearly threw a ruler into the dustbin (which was cringe).

Amelia: Only a few day ago, one of my best friend’s brother came past our class, which had the windows open, and he was singing the Jurassic Park theme tune, whilst we were quietly writing.

Freya: One of the funniest times in 5E for me was when I was the first person in the class, and I scared the life out of our teacher, Mrs Elmore.

Sayan: The funniest moment in Year 5 for me was when I was walking towards the door to go to the toilet, and I went towards the class door, but I forgot to open the door, so I walked right into it.



        Exciting events


Freya: One of the most exciting moments was when it was sports day and I got announced I came 2nd in the girls running race!

Gymnastics and football


Friday 16th July 2021 – by Lani, Vibha, Will and Tilly.


This blog is focused on GYMNASTICS AND FOOTBALL, our main interests.




Football is a team game where each team has a goal to shoot at. If the ball is kicked into the net then a point is scored. In football, your hands to upper arm cannot touch the football or it results in the other team gaining a free kick or penalty.




Gymnastics is a difficult sport which requires strength, flexibility and confidence. You will be trained to do moves like the splits, handstands and cartwheels as simpler moves and more complicated moves such as arials, flips and back handsprings.