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Space SuperStars

Hello everybody! Today we will be telling you about spacetastic stars, black holes and may amazing things about space! Firstly, we will be talking about stars. They are basically gargantuan balls of gas (mostly hydrogen and helium).We have fun facts cool activities and many galactic...

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 Firstly, we will talk about the largest star-UY Scuti. There is no star as large as UY Scuti, and if you replaced the sun with it, it would engulf everything all the way to Jupiter! Most stars are actually bigger than our Sun and they will die a different death (more on that later). If a star died, it would either cause a supernova, which makes as star implode in a matter of seconds and then explodes. Stars are formed when some gas and dust clump together in a nebula. Then it becomes a star. If it is a big star it will will swell up into a supergiant, implode and then explode in a truly massive explosion that will outshine a galaxy-a supernova. Then it either turns into a black hole or a neutron star-a high density star that consists of an iron crust with neutrons floating in the middle. If it is a small star the it swells up into a giant, then its outer layers float off. Then it would turn into a planetary nebula.


These are the 8 planets. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Your anus -sorry, we meant Uranus- and finally, Neptune. They are the only planets that we know that might have water... There are also things called exo-planets, and they are not in the solar system. Lots of planets' moons have water on them. Saturn has a moon called Titan with beaches and methane liquid. Methane is in farts! Hehehe...

ANYWAYS, GAS GAS GAS GOTTA STEP ON JUPITER! Ok for real now, there`s a moon called Europa which has actual water on it!

Back holes

 Black holes are high density holes that are warps in spacetime. Even light cannot escape its sheer gravity!


The funniest fact I know is that Uranus (the planet!) was originally going to be named after the king of the guy that found Uranus in the telescope. You think Uranus has a funny name now well it was going to be named GEORGE!(which btw is some one in our class!)

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