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Tony Stars!

By: Ben, George, Mananya & Minerva

This is our amazing presentation about our facts of outer space... 

Space is an amazing place where all the stars are created and where everything started with the big bang!


Guess how many stars there are in the Solar System?

A)5 million



D)Over 1,000,000

Answer: B) 1 star (the sun, all of the others are out of the solar system.)


Close Up Burning Sun Wallpaper Hd - Sun Zoom - 1600x900 Wallpaper -  teahub.io    

  This is  a zoomed up picture of the sun!               

What is a Black Hole?

A black hole is created when gravity is pulled together. This force is strong enough to pull in a planet from 200 miles away. The black hole transports you to a whole different universe. They come in different sizes depending on how much hydrogen it takes in.

A pic of the black hole!

The sun is a big ball of fire (It's our only star in the solar system). It's made of burning hydrogen and is colossal. It is approx  over 100k km away from Earth. Because of the Sun we have day and night. When you see the Sun going down (around dusk) the Sun dosn't actually move, the Earth rotates.