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Mass: 0.11

Length of Year: 687 days

Orbit distance1.4 AU 

 length of days 24.5 hours

number of moons 2

temperature 87-50celsius





length years 88 days

orbit distance 0.4au

length of day 1392 hours

numbers moons 0

temperature-173 to427 celsius






length of years 225days

orbit distance 0.7

length of day 2784hours

numbers of moons 0

temperature 462 celsius



length of years 4333 days

orbit distance 5.2au

length of day 10 hours

numbers of moons 79

temperature -108 Celsius



Length of year: 60190 days

Orbit Distance: 30.1au

Length of day: 16 hours

Number of moons: 14

Temperature: -201 Celsius





length of years 10,756 days 

Orbit Distance 9.58au

Length of day 10 hours

Number of moons 82

Temperature 139 celsius