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                                                                                                                           Group 5!

On this blog, we will be sharing some amazing facts about space to you. So, get ready to be blown away by these dazzling facts!

                                                                  Greek stories & constellations

Greek stories have been spotted in constellations, if you look close enough you can find three stars next to each other that recreate Orion's belt and across his hair, in a straight line, is his dog / brightest star in our solar system. Orion was a hunter in the Ancient Greek times and fought against The Scorpion and was eventually slain by The Scorpion as well.

                                                                                   All about stars

 Did you know after stars explode, they create space clouds that transform into new stars! Some stars are even bigger then the sun but they look smaller because they are further away. Fun fact : Most stars represent constellations such as zodiac signs.