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The brightest stars of the 5R Superstars (and their chickens)


Year 5 Camp

The Grinch's Guacy Donuts


Do you know what Guacamole is? If not, it is mashed avocado with some added spice to add flavour and texture.


How we did it:

First, we had to cut open the avocados, take the seed out and scoop the actual avocado. It was hard to crush the avocado so we had to use a lot of cutlery. (We ended up breaking almost all of it). 


If you don’t like avocado, you’ll still require to add them in, because that is the main thing that is in all Guacamole. No ever guacamole is ever created without avocado. It’s recommended that you add 2 avocado’s because it is not too much and it’s not too less. Once all of the steps with the avocado is done you can add extra topings (for e.g tomatos, chilli, onions, and cumon)

Cara and Saragya 


Science Assembly


balloons gases /fire blast 


Tesco Trip (Fairtrade)

Explorer Dome and Space Learning

Bristol Zoo 

Treat Days