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 By Harper, Summer, Brooke , Iris ,Afaaf 

 Date: 29/3/22    

How many stars are there in the solar system?

Controversial to many peoples opinions scientists have proven that there is one star in our solar system that is the sun but it is undiscovered how many stars there are in the universe. However, this is always a trick question for people who get asked it.

Temperatures of stars

It is proven that the hottest stars tend to be blue or white and if they are one of the cooler stars then they tend to be a shade of reddish brown

Here's a picture of a star cluster.

star cluster university of kent
star cluster university of kent

The sun

The sun is made of gasses and has a burning surface too hot for humans to stand on. Eventually the sun will explode which will then destroy Mercury, Venus and then turn Earth into a ball of molten laver. The sun does not move and is at the centre of the solar system.

Here is a picture of the sun.  

the sun by Sean Doran
the sun by Sean Doran