Last update: 2018-05-13

Friends of Wheatfield Primary School
Registered charity no. 1149714


Great news the school summer fayre will take place on Friday the 13th July 2018, from 3.30pm-5.30pm.

Please keeping looking at this page for more details or join our Facebook page:



There will be a meeting held in the school at 9am on Friday 25th May to discuss the future of The Friends of Wheatfield. This meeting is open to everyone who is keen to support the Friends in the coming year. This support may take any form - from coming into school and photocopying fliers through to supervising events or simply coming along at the end and helping us to tidy up.  If you are interested please please attend.  


Monday 21st May - The next Friends meeting will take place at The Hollow Tree at 7.45pm. We welcome anyone to these meetings to help discuss future events. 

Upcoming Events

  • Minion Movie Night - 7th March 2018
  • Easter Egg Decorating Competition 21st March 2018

Forms & Flyers 

Registered Helper Form

Help the school to raise funds with minimal effort from you by signing up to this online tool.  Each time you shop online, whether it is for groceries, clothes, bike parts, train tickets, toys, books or anything, money from your purchase automatically goes to the school at no extra cost to you.  Please see our newsletters for more information and simply register at

How can you help?

If you would like to help raise some money for the school and can spare some time on a regular basis to do anything from bake cakes, make decorations, set up for events or run a stall at a fayre, then become a Registered Helper.  We will keep your details on a database and contact you before each event to check your availability.  You are not required to help at every event and can choose how you would like to help us.  Simply complete the Registered Helper Form on this page and return it to the school.

For a more involved roll each year we invite parents and carers to join our Friends committee.  This involves attending committee meetings and helping to decide what events we will host each year and how we spend the money raised.  For further details please contact the committee Chair, Katharine Wiltshire or email us at the address below.

How to contact us
You can contact us by email at or alternatively leave a note with the school office and we will be in touch.

All our latest forms and flyers are available on this page.  Please see the school newsletters for updates on events and how we are spending the money raised.