What do Governors do?

School governance is the most important volunteering role in education. An effective governing body is a source of enormous strength to a school.

 School governors make important collective decisions and the governing body is answerable to parents and the community. The responsibilities of the governing body can be summarised as providing strategic management, acting as a critical friend and ensuring accountability.

 Specific responsibilities include:

 Monitoring the provision of high standards of education and achievement.
• Planning the school's long-term future.
• Setting the school's strategic aims and values.
• Reviewing the staffing structure and appointment of staff.
• Ensuring proper budgetary management and control.

 The day-to-day management of the school is the responsibility of the head teacher and senior leadership team.

 What makes a good school governor?


Probably the most important quality is the desire to make a difference to children's lives, and then:

• An ability to work in a team.
• A desire to help the community.
• An external perspective.
• A willingness to challenge assumptions.
• The time to get involved.

 Being a governor is an enormously challenging and rewarding opportunity. The personal benefits can be summarised as:

• A sense of satisfaction through knowing that children within Wheatfield Primary School will benefit from your efforts.
• The opportunity to develop new skills and to strengthen existing ones.
• The opportunity to gain understanding in key areas such as finance, personnel and strategic planning.
• The opportunity to gain awareness of the education system as a whole.


What does being a governor involve?

The members of the Wheatfield Primary School Governing Body, are required to attend the full governing body meetings (of which there are 5 each year) as well as being a member of one of the two committees:

• Curriculum and Achievement Committee. 
• Staffing and Resources Committee.

These committees meet a minimum of 4 times per year. Governors are expected to attend all appropriate meetings plus make at least one link governor visit per annum and support school events. Governors understand the time and commitment involved before thinking of becoming a governor. There are also a number of working groups which are informal working parties focussing on a specific area within the school and can be made up of governors, staff, community representatives and parents/carers.

Governors also attend other events. These may include school performances, training sessions and South Gloucestershire governor network events.

Wheatfield has a Governing Body of 14 Governor members . The categories of governor are Parent Governor, Local Authority Governor, Staff Governor and Co-opted Governor. Each governor is a member of a sub committee and has a link specific role.

 If you would like to find out more about the Wheatfield Governing Body please do not hesitate to contact:
 Melissa Williams, Clerk to the Governors at clerk@wheatfieldprimary.com or leave a message in the school office.