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March 2018


Firstly we would like to welcome Laura Dunato-Davis to the Governing Body, following the successful Parent Governor elections.  Laura has already booked on a couple of courses, including the well-received New Governors Induction course.  Laura will be joining us at the next FGB meeting on 15 March.  

We’d like to thank Denise Hickson, School Business Manager at Wheatfield Primary School for her assistance with the well organised election.

Governor Morning - 9 February

Several Governors attended at the end of term 3.  The morning began with us meeting a few parents, who took up our offer to come and talk to us.  We then undertook a Book Scrutiny focussing on English, led by Head Teacher Phil.  He highlighted the new approach to ‘non-negotiables’, a way of ensuring standards are raised within the school, by giving pupils clear guidance on what standards they should be achieving at the end of each year.  The Head and Deputy then lead us around the whole school on a Learning Walk, enabling us to meet the new teaching staff and to see first-hand the learning environments.  We are delighted to report back that the pupils were extremely well behaved and clearly ready for learning.  We then had the opportunity to feedback, which included providing positive feedback to the staff via comments on post-it notes that were to be displayed in the staffroom.

Parents Evening – 20 and 22 March

Governors seek to have a Meet and Greet stall in the lobby to welcome Parents and pupils into the school.  Last time Governors attended a Parents Evening, we received lots of positive feedback about the school.  It’s an opportunity to interact with Parents and let them know of the work we undertake.

Inset Day – Visioning morning – 9 April

Staff and Governors will be meeting as Wheatfield head into our 20th year, an exciting time for the whole school community; we wish to take this opportunity to refocus on the School’s aims and values.  One of our main roles as Governors is to ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction. We therefore will ensure Governors are there alongside staff, at the start of our journey, looking ahead to the next 20 years.

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