Latest News

April 2016                                                                                                                                                                                      
Learning Walk-Members of the Curriculum and Achievement Committee went on a 'Learning Walk' around the school. We learned all about the Achievosaurs who are helping the children to understand what it means to be a 'good learner' and how the children are being encouraged to choose activities that challenge them to think and improve their skills.

We saw evidence of the 'Power of Reading' which is being used across the school, looked at the high quality books which the children are using and saw some impressive examples of writing displayed in the classrooms, hall and corridors. 

We were also able to see how Learning Walls are being used in every class to help children develop their knowledge and understanding of their current literacy and maths topics.

We were impressed with the quality of the learning environment and with the learning on display. it was great to read the children's own comments about what they are learning and how they would like to improve. 

March 2016                                                                                                                                                                                   
Appointment of New governors: 
Three new governors were appointed at the meeting of the Full Governing Body in March. Cameron Davis-Jones, Sema Dumanli-Oktar and Claire Newman.
February 2016                                                                                                                                                                           
Provision of Seagull Deterrent: During the Spring and Summer of 2015, a pair of seagulls nested on the school’s roof and had a young chick to look after.  Whilst it was nice to see the family thriving, the seagulls unfortunately became more and more aggressive in order to protect their young chick.   During this time adults were regularly “dive bombed” by the seagulls and, on one occasion, they actually took a peck at our caretaker’s head!  The situation became a great concern for all our staff and governors due to the nature of the persistent aggressive behaviour of the seagulls.  The school and governors were aware that seagulls and their nests are protected, so were unable to do anything at the time, but following advice from the LA, RSPB and bird control specialists, various solutions were identified and it was agreed that we needed to deter the seagulls from nesting in 2016.  Following a consultative process, it was decided that the best way forward would be to install spikes on the ridges of the roof to deter the seagulls from landing on the roof.  It was felt that if the seagulls did not land on the roof then they would not nest on the roof.  These spikes were installed in early February 2016 and initially caused some frustration to the seagulls.  As to date, we are happy to report that the seagulls do not seem to have been able to land on the roof, although they do still circle the area occasionally.  All being well, they will find a suitable nesting site away from the school.

Staffing and Resources Committee
The committee has started to consider various options for replacing areas of artificial grass within the school grounds and also of bringing the field into year round use.
We are also looking at finding a permanent deterrent to resolve the seagull problem around the school.

Governor Recruitment
We are currently recruiting new governors and have had interest from several parents and members of the local community. Thank you to those of you who attended our recent information sessions. Once we have finalised the appointment of our new governors, their details will be available on this page.

January 2016
Curriculum and Achievement Committee
We have been busy studying the latest achievement data for each year group. This year sees the new national curriculum implemented across the whole school and this means that there are new achievement measures with which to become familiar.
We look at progress in reading, writing and maths in detail and also compare how different groups within the school are performing, for example boys / girls or children whose first language is not English.

December 2015
Solar Panels
After much research and discussion governors have decided that we should invest in Solar Panels at Wheatfield primary School. These will be installed during the Christmas holidays.
The project will have many benefits for the school community:
• Children will be helped to understand that it is our responsibility to become more self- sustainable and help prevent global warming.
• Our electricity bills will be reduced
• We will generate additional income by selling electricity back to the grid
• We will be able to reduce our carbon footprint
• We will be able to educate our children on the matter of clean energy

May 2015

The governors spent a very interesting and informative morning in school carrying out their monitoring role. We worked in three teams to look at different aspects of the School Development and OFSTED Action Plans.This included talking to groups of children about their learning in maths and writing, looking at children's learning in their books and how it is marked and observing the children in their classrooms. Afterwards the governors shared their findings with each other and had the opportunity to discuss some of the questions raised with the headteacher.

The governors were very impressed by the excellent behaviour and positive attitudes of all the children. They could see how teachers are helping children across the school to make good progress in their writing and maths.The children were all very enthuiastic and eager to share their ideas and learning with us.

We look forward to carrying out a similar activity in the Autumn Term.