Who are the governors?

I am Sue Davey and I have been a governor for several years . I have two sons who are at BSCS in years 7 and 10, having both spent 7 wonderful years at Wheatfield. I am a primary school teacher and I now work for the South Gloucestershire Music Hub. My job involves visiting many schools in the authority and helping to deliver an exciting music curriculum. I have always been interested in education and how children learn and develop. I have lived in Bradley Stoke for almost 20 years, I enjoy reading and watching American box sets with my family! I am very proud to be a governor at Wheatfield.

My name is Jillian Cumming. I am a co-opted governor and chair of the Staffing and Resources Committee.


My name is Lynne Watkins. I work at a special school in South Gloucestershire but until July 2016 I worked at Wheatfield as a Family Liaison Worker. Prior to this I was employed on the Police Family and Child Protection Unit. I have a disabled daughter, so I have a range of skills around disability and know the impact this can have on family life. I have also been Chair of Governors at a Special Sabout positive changes for them. I also enjoy working with staff and governor colleagues to ensure that the children attending our school are safe, happy, life long learners. I am delighted to be able to continue my links with Wheatfield as a governorchool and a Student Support Worker at a Pupil Referral Unit. I enjoy  providing support and guidance to others to bring

.My name is John Morris and Chair of Governors since March 2018. I have two children at Wheatfield. I am a co-opted governor. I am a Community Spaces Officer for South Gloucestershire Council  and my skills include project and contract management,  and outdoor environment education and natural play. On the governing body I am responsible for Outdoor Play and Learning, Health and Safety and am the School Travel Plan co-ordinator. I have been a governor for many years and it’s a delight to visit the school and witness the excellent school learning environment. The maturing grounds, allotment and the new Wild Wood are real assets to the school. I want to see the school regain its status as a ‘good school’, which it so deserves. I would like to see more parental involvement via the Friends Group. I’d also like to see more pupils walking or cycling to school and less cars parking in the loop and on the zig zag lines! 

My name is Becky Penny. I am a parent governor with three boys at Wheatfield. I am a Human Resources Operations Manager and my skills include team work, performance management and recruitment. I am particularly interested in Special Needs. I think Wheatfield is a fantastic school and I enjoy being part of the team who work to make it an even better learning environment for my children and future children coming to the school. With the staff and governors my aim is for Wheatfield to be judged 'outstanding'!


My name is Naomi Snedker and I am a parent governor. I am chair of the Curriculum and Achievement Sub Committee and  am the governor responsible for safeguarding. I have  a strong desire to support the children and enhance their learning experiences in a happy environment. I hope to build on this as part of the governing body. As a parent of children at the school I have a vested interest in helping the school on its journey to achieve an outstanding OFSTED judgement.

I am Steve Holmes, the school's Local Authority governor.


My name is Cameron Davis-Jones. I am a co opted governor but also a parent at the school.  I am a Business Support Manager with 25 years experience within the Financial Services Industry which has included the management if various investment teams. Amongst the skills I bring to the Governing Body are Performance Management and the application of HR policies, management and delivery of change, recruitment support, design and implementation skills including continuous improvement and risk and compliance assessment.  All of these are relevant to my membership of the Staffing and Resources Sub Committee. I have enjoyed being able to use my skills to support the creation of a 5 year IT strategy, completion of governor monitoring activities and the successful recruitment of a new head teacher. Wheatfield has an amazing focus on all aspects of a child’s development. With clear focus, dedication and determination the school has moved forward and I want to help support the continued future success by working with the other governors, staff, parents and children to make Wheatfield a truly outstanding and inspirational place to be. 

I am Chloe Mitchell. I am a co-opted governor but also a parent of 2 children at the school. I am a management accountant and in my professional role am heavily involved in cost management and spend control. I am able to draw upon this experience in helping to support the Staffing and Resources sub committee. I hope that my skills will be of use in  helping to manage budgets within the school and tackle any future spending cuts appropriately. I think Wheatfield is a great place for kids to learn and in my experience they thoroughly enjoy it. I would like to see this continue and help make this important time in the children's lives even more valuable, allowing them to reach their full potential as well as maintaining the current 'family' culture.


My name is Emma Pople. I have one child at Wheatfield. I have had experience of senior leadership roles on the steering group of a major retailer where my role focused on strategic direction, decision making and evaluation. I am currently training to be a counsellor. I am interested in safeguarding, equality and diversity , pupil voice and provision for gifted and talented children as part of my role as a member of the Curriculum and Achievement Sub Committee. My personal values match those of Wheatfield and I enjoy being able to play an active role in my local community and children's education. I want to help further build on Wheatfield as a community where all learners experience a positive environment which supports them to maximise their potential.


 My name is Laura Dunato-Davis and I am a parent governor. I have two boys at Wheatfield in Years 2 and 1.  I am a secondary school teacher . I am especially interested in the curriculum and data.  I think the school is a superb learning environment and my children love it here. I’d like to support the school to improve even further.



Governor Information Academic Year 2017-2018

Governor Details

Register of Interests
Name Category

Appointing  Body

Term of Office Committee Membership Additional   Responsibility
Business & Pecuniary Interests Governor at another   Educational     Establishment Relationships with staff members or pupils

Susan Davey

 Co-opted  Governing Body

 31.12.2014- 03,12,2018

 Staffing & Resources

Curriculum & Achievement

 None  Employee of South Glos Music Hub  None  None

Rebecca Penny      

Parent Governing Body 06.10.2013 - 06.10.2017 Curriculum & Achievement Teaching and learning in Key Stage 2 None None Parent of 2 children at the school
Jillian       Cumming Co-opted Governing Body 31.12.2014 - 31.12.2018 Staffing & Resources (Chair) Pupil Premium None None  
John             Morris Co-opted Governing Body 31.12.2014 - 31.12.2018 Staffing & Resources

Chair of Governors


Owner of property adjacent to school None Parent of 2 children at the school
Lois            Haydon Co-opted Governing Body 31.12.2014 - 31.12.2018 Curriculum & Achievement Achievement Data Employed at Wheatfield Primary School None None
Lynne        Watkins Co-opted Governing Body 31.12.2014 - 31.12.2018 Curriculum & Achievement Special Educational Needs Employed at Wheatfield Primary School None Mother of voluntary kitchen assistant
Naomi          Snedker Parent Governing Body 10.05.2015 - 10.05.2019 Staffing & Resources



None None Parent of 1 child at the school
Steve          Holmes Local Authority Governing Body 11.05.1206 - 10.05.2200 Staffing & Resources Use of resources to support SEN and Inclusion None None None
Cameron    Davis-Jones Co-opted Governing Body 16.03.2016 - 15.03.2020 Staffing and Resources



None None Parent of 1 child at the school
Katie       Gregory Staff Governor

Governing Body

06.06.2016-05.06.2020 Curriculum and Achievement Attendance Employed at Wheatfield Primary School None None
Emma Pople  Co-opted  Governing Body

10.05.2017 -         09.05.2021     

 Curriculum and Achievement  Inclusion and Diversity Owner of property adjacent to school  None Parent of 1 child at the school



 Co-opted  Governing Body  10.05.2017 -         09.05.2021     Staffing and Resources

 Quality of teaching and Learning in EYFS

Wheatfield Plus

 None  None Parent of 2 children at school
Jamie     Woodworth Associate Governing Body 07.10.2015 -06.10.19 Curriculum & Achievement Curriculum Employed at Wheatfield Primary School None None



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